Thursday, July 27, 2006

Murder is murder is murder

This Andrea Yates verdict has me absolutely sick to my stomach and questioning what kind of legal system allows a mother to get away with murder. Yates is the woman who drowned her five childen in the bathtub 5 years ago, claiming she was trying to save them from demons, trying to save their souls.

A jury found her not guilty of murdering her children by reason of insanity. Insanity? What a fucking cop-out verdict. She killed her kids. End of story.

She knew it was wrong and it was premeditated. The woman filled a tub and held her babies under water until they drowned. Drowning isn't like shooting, it isn't instant. Drowning is messy and horrible and the kids struggled and struggled, yet she did it FIVE TIMES. She had to chase down her 7-year-old to kill him. She called her husband after it was done and told him to come home. She called 911 and told them she killed her children. She knew what she did was wrong, and because she knew it was wrong she is not insane.

She's a woman who should be held responsible for killing her children.

If it was the father who had killed the kids, you'd better believe he'd be in jail right now, waiting for that lethal injection. No one would have ever considered him not guilty by reason of insanity because he was the dad, and well, sometimes dads do that. But not moms, if she killed her children, she must have been crazy, because moms don't kill their kids. They protect them and nurture them.

However, this mom killed them, and she should be treated no different than any other mass murderer.

Murder is murder, and once upon a time the criminal justice system punished people for murder. Yates knew it was wrong, yet she did it anyway, and she got away with it. She isn't insane, she's brilliant and she played the system to avoid a death sentence. Now we get to pay for her upkeep and "mental health" treatment in a maximum security facility. What a lucky society we are.

I hope every single member of that jury has nightmares about letting this woman get away with murder.

I hope Yates is haunted by her dead children every night, every hour of every day, until she takes her own life. There can be no better punishment for her.

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