Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A pox on you, postal delivery person

For more than a week I've been waiting for the third installment of the audiobook I'm "reading", Bag of Bones. Not just waiting, mind you, frothing at the mouth in anticipation for the next chapter. Why is it they end those discs at the most thrilling places and leave you hanging? The next five disks finally arrived yesterday and I waited, waited not very patiently to get in my car this morning and pop the next CD in. I was SO excited, I almost left for work early just to get to the next chapter. How sick is that? I pulled the CD from it's handy dandy little white sleeve and flipped it over to slide it reverently into the awaiting CD slot....and noticed....with horror, a crack running halfway through the shiny surface. No. No. No. My palms sweated, my heart thumped harder, and I waited...and prayed...please please play! Please I NEED to know what happens next! NEED!

It didn't play. Not one peep, not one static pop. Not a damn sound. I hit the eject button, and pushed it back in. Nothing. I took it out, rubbed it on my pants (somehow that always seems to fix persnickety disks) and put it back it. Still nothing. DAMN IT!

I flipped through the remaining four disks, contemplating whether or not to skip to the next disk, and found another one cracked in several places. It became excruciatingly clear to me why the delivery took so much longer than usual. I just know my pretty little blue package from Simply Audiobooks got caught in a cranky old mail-sorting machine belonging to the U.S. Postal Delivery Services somewhere between New York and my house and the damn thing broke my book!

I wanted to cry.

I called customer service at Simply Audiobooks and a new set of disks is on it's way, along with a bonus pack of CDs from the next book on my list! And the customer service woman was SO helpful, the most help I've ever received from a business. I'm very, very pleased.

I may have to wait a few more days, but the customer service experience somehow made it all better.

But I'm still mad at the U.S. Postal Service.


karla said...

Let me handle this. I will bludgeon that postman of yours with a broom handle until he cries like a woman. I won't let you be mistreated like this.

Jenn said...

I'll hold him down while you do the bludgeoning. And I want to watch him cry. Other than that, he's all yours.