Sunday, September 10, 2006


According to Wild, all she has to do is reach into her closet and pull out a "Bitch Suit" for those days when the world isn't all roses and kittens. The whole conversation was quite amusing, actually, and to hear that level of "understanding" come out of my 14-year-olds mouth made me realize how fast she is growing up. No, I don't get in her face about cussing either. I know she does it at school. I know her friends do it. It's a battle I choose not to fight. She knows as long as I don't hear the F-Bomb fall from her mouth, it's all good. I do constantly remind her that intelligent people find more intelligent words to say what they want to say better than swearing. Sometimes she follows that advice, but at least she doesn't swear just to get a rise out of me anymore.

Scene: Sunday morning, my bed, where the girls like to crawl in with me for a few sleepy minutes while we all decide what the day will bring us. The conversation was started by Hubby, who likes to remind us how unfair it is that he is the only male in a household full of females.

Me: "Your dad seems to think that women just wake up and decide 'oh, today I think I'll be cranky.' and then just do it."
Wild: "No, he thinks we're just cranky when we're on the rag, or getting ready to be on the rag, or getting done with being on the rag."
Me: "Yeah, maybe, he has something there. Some days I'm just bitchy."
Wild: "Doesn't everyone just go to the closet and pull out their Bitch Suit on those days?"

My bitch suit is very well worn. I think it's about time for an updated version.

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