Monday, September 18, 2006

Utter Madness

Ahh, yes, sometimes complete and total insanity strikes when you least expect it and that insanity manages to manifest itself in the most unimaginable ways. Sometimes I wonder if Sane Jenn takes little side trips to Crazyassville so Looneybin Jenn can take over this body for awhile. Often, I wonder what the hell I was thinking after the deeds are done.

My critter count grew by two today. There is now a cute black and white bunny named Ribit inhabiting Wild's room and an absolutely adorable female German Shepherd mix dubbed Akasha turning my couch into her personal lounge chair and terrorizing the cats. What the hell happened!? I swore, no rabbits and no more dogs. I raised rabbits in high school and that experience ended in a most traumatic manner, with a full freezer and empty bunny hutches. I swore I'd never have two dogs again, but, here they are, happy and content in their new home. I can't say I regret it, I always welcome more critters into my home. As long as there is enough love and attention to go around, they can call my roof their own. Oh, and I must be a glutton for even more punishment, because we all know how much I absolutely LOVE vacuuming animal hair every day AND covering at least little lint roller sheets with white hairs from my black slacks.

Akasha is a Humane Society rescue. Anyone who has ever adopted a cat or dog from the pound knows the feeling you get from them, the feeling that somehow they sense in their little critter souls they were rescued, they were chosen from all the rest. There is an unspoken thank you every single time they look at you and thump a tail. At almost a year old, Akasha is quite small for a Shepherd mix, I would guess not much more than 30 pounds, 40 tops, and I hope, hope, hope she stays small. I think she will. Her feet are tiny, her head is small. She looks like someone took a German Shepherd and stuck her under a shrink ray, and she's a silvery color rather than typical shepherd black and tan. She wasn't quite sure what to think about the stairs, the chickens, the cats, the parakeets, the Lab, but she wiggled herself right in to the household and even managed to win over the crotchety old lab, no easy feat. She is a sweetie, and I think she's going to make a very nice addition to the family. She's already housebroken and crate trained, so at least I had hold of some of my senses!

Ribit? Well, Ribit is a rabbit, what more needs to be said? She's a big ole Californian, 4 months old, and already shedding little white hairs like mad.


Our housewarming/BBQ party was a success Saturday night, I think. We had many people show up and a good time was had by all. It was so nice to see the folks from the barn again. I really do miss them. My best friend, her adorable son and another friend from Southern Missouri came up, too. What a wonderful surprise! It's always nice having all my friends together in one place, eating good food, having a few beers and hanging out around a kickass bonfire. Very, very nice. The weather was perfect, the sky was clear. I couldn't have ordered better weather.

Wild had a few friends over, too. Three boys. One girl. It was very nostalgic, watching that new and unsure "courting" dance between teenaged boys and girls. Not a nostalgia I ever want to relive, but one I remember well. Of course, Wild is much more gorgeous than I ever was and she has no problems with interest from the boys, she just needs to learn how to respond to the attention without being flamboozled by their sweet words. Even as teenagers those little buggers can come up with some lines! And those tough-skinned young'uns even braved the downright frigid water to spend an hour or so in the pool. Brrr...not me!

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