Friday, October 27, 2006

Pretending to be civilized

In just a few hours I'll be hopping on a puddle jumper (aka itty bitty plane) and heading to KC to hang with my best friend for the weekend and head into the "big city" to see Menopause tonight. We're gonna be all civilized and shit. I'll wear nice clothes and put on makeup and try to remember not to snort when I laugh. We'll probably have a few too many drinks too. And pretend for a couple of hours that we are properly cultured, despite our red necks and rough country-girl hands. I'm not terribly comfortable in heels and panty hose feel like little straight jackets for my legs and hips. We're more likely to be found comfortably hanging out in jeans and flannels or old T-shirts drinking margaritas, mint juleps or whiskey on the tailgate of a pickup truck or in lawn chairs around a bonfire. We'll be the crazy old ladies who hang out on the porch in rocking chairs watching our grandchildren and the garden grow. That's us. We'll drive pickups and haul hay in our raggedy old jeans and mud caked boots and play with horses all day long. Of course, I'll be the one in the purple hat with a great big sunflower or daisy stuck in the hat band.

I enjoy flying, but, I have to admit I'm not looking forward to facing the new security crap at the airport. My deodorant and contact solution and makeup and toothpaste are all neatly packaged in individual little quart baggies. Yes, I bothered to read through the new regulations yesterday and everything liquid or gel must be less than 3 ounces and each packaged in its own little baggie. Isn't that fun?

At least I remembered to take out the gel insoles of my loafers before I head out, so you won't be seeing me on the national news tonight. Ha!

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Anonymous said...

Can I be a little old lady like that with you two??? Sounds kinda cool.