Thursday, December 14, 2006

It's the little things

Hubby, Unruly and I spent some quality time looking heavenwards last night, scanning the skies for meteors. We saw a few and Unruly learned a bit about the constellations in the night sky. We showed her Orion and Taurus and Sagittarius, and she was thrilled. We watched several meteors zip across the sky, some burning up quickly, others lingering for a microsecond longer than last. Each a thrilling event for Unruly.

Wild was with her friend, Cheeks, at the bowling alley until 10 p.m. It's good she has things to do instead of just hanging around the house complaining about how boring her dad and I are and how irritating Unruly is. Yes, we are boring, middle-aged, working parents who would rather stay home and enjoy the few hours we have with family than rush around, flitting from night spot to night spot or bar to bar. Sometimes I even remember to shave my legs! Oh my gosh! I've grown up! I've become an adult *shudder shudder*. Hah! And there were those who thought I'd never make it past 18!

I guess I always thought when I grew up I'd be free to do whatever I want, stay out as late as I want, not have to answer to anyone and go to all the amazing places where it counts to be seen. Where the cool people hang. Priorities change, people mellow and one day you wake up and realize what you wear or where you're seen isn't as important as what you do. It's the little things that make the daily grind worthwhile.

It's the meteors whizzing across a twinkling night sky and the wonder on a child's face when she sees, truly sees, Orion and the Bull for the first time.

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