Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Murder on the homestead

Bad dog. Bad dog. Bad dog. My bad, bad dog killed our friendliest chicken, Pepsi, last night. Stupid dog. Poor Pepsi.

That dog went right. through. the. window. to get to the chicken. She busted the screen right out of the family room window and jumped out of the house. Stupid dog. Hubby and Wild spent the next hour chasing Dumb Dog over 13+ acres of woods and pasture trying to catch her. They finally managed to corral her when she took a dip in the pond. Dumb Dog.

I couldn't help chase Dumb Dog, I was hanging with Unruly so she could ride her horse. I'm still not quite confident enough in her riding to turn her completely loose on her own and the beast needed to be ridden.

Dumb Dog didn't ravage the chicken, she didn't break any skin and she didn't try to eat her. I think she broke her neck, poor Pepsi. Dumb Dog got tied up outside for about an hour with Poor Pepsi around her neck. Dumb Dog was none too happy about that and kept trying to get away from the dead chicken. She kept giving the carcass get-away-from-me and why-are-you-following-me? looks. Chickens aren't so much fun when they don't run away. Now, whether that method works to stop the chicken killing, I don't know but it was the only thing I could think of to "punish" Dumb Dog. Did it make her want to stay away from dead chickens? You betcha. Will she keep chasing them and killing them? Only time will tell.

When something starts running away from her it's like a switch goes off in Dumb Dog's head and she gets tunnel vision, seeing and hearing ONLY the thing she is intent upon catching. We don't let her run loose because I'm pretty sure she parks her brain at the door and she loses all obedience when she runs. She has never had the opportunity to chase and kill my feathered ladies so Pepsi's death was a bit of a shock. Who the hell woulda thunk Dumb Dog would jump THROUGH the freakin' window? Gah!

Guess I need to get my spring chicks ordered. Fuzzy Face is the only hen left and I'm afraid she's going to get purty darn lonely. I have a few ducklings in the basement, but they are still too young to put outside.

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Nancy said...

Oh, no! Poor Pepsi. Your description of Dumb Dog running brought to mind the dog from Chevy Chase's Funny Farm.