Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tools and toys

I believe the tools you work with should reflect a bit of your personality. When I write the old-fashioned way I require a very specific kind of notebook and a particular type of pen. If those aren't right, I just can't write. When working around the farm, there are certain tools that should be personalized, especially for the task they are designed to do. It just makes the work more fun when you have a tool that can become an extension of yourself.

What better tool to reflect me than the Wild Thing? It's purple. It's lime green. It's freakin' powerful and can take down a stump while screaming with wild abandon. Hmmm...seems to fit my personality, too. What more can one ask for in a tool? I do like to grow and nurture things, but sometimes, a girl just have to let the Amazon out and do a bit of destruction. And there are PLENTY of trees and deadfall lying around in need of some serious destructive action. I think we'll have more than enough fire wood to feed the flames this winter. And enough for a bonfire every single weekend.

Can you tell I'm excited? Who woulda ever thunk I'd get excited about power tools? I'm such a tom boy.

Now, I need to go pick myself up one of these
bad boys! Yeah, sweet. Who said all of the good toys are made for boys? Ha! This one will be momma's toy, yup. No boys allowed!

I wrote about the Virginia Tech tragedy in my other blog, if you feel like heading over there for a parent's point of view. Tragic, just, tragic. I can't even imagine going through such a horrific, senseless, terrible, unfathomable thing.


Slackermommy said...

So does your love for power tools turn your hubby on?

Jenn said...

Hehe, I think it does, he makes comments about it from time to time. However, it's the arguing over who gets to use the power tools that turns him on the most. We have to do a little "making up" after the argument. *grin*

Lisa said...

I LOVE power tools. I love getting all sweaty and dirty. SO I can totally relate.

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