Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Last night we took the cover off the pool.

What lurked beneath was quite, ummm...natural. Dark green water, an abundance of algae, some other stuff growing all happily and care-free in the non-chlorinated cement pond.

When we pulled that cover off and I saw the amount of work it will take to get that water back to a nice, sparkly blue, I sighed and wished for a beer. Or two. Or three. I looked at my darling husband and suggested we just buy a load of koi and introduce the ducks to their brand new home. Toss in a few water plants, maybe add some rocks so the koi have hiding spots, and instead of a swimming pool, we can have the world's most expensive and deepest backyard koi pond!

He didn't like that idea. Ugh. Scrub the algae, skim the crud.

Toss Unruly into the shallow end because she kept daring me to.
*gasp* Did I just admit that in my outside voice? Ooops!

Add the shock and ph-balancer and run the filter.

Yup. As we suspected, the filter is crap. Crap crap crap. We will be getting a new filter in the next couple of weeks, thank goodness. I just wanted to get it started so maybe it will be swimmable by Memorial Day. It won't be sparkly blue while we use the current piece of crap filter, but it may be less like a swamp and more like a lake in a couple of days.

And while I'll swim in a lake, my body ain't gettin' anywhere NEAR a swamp!


Jenny said...

wow... I'm just jealous that you actually have a pool!

Jenn said...

It came with the house. And I'm starting to really hate it...TONS of work.