Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Oh, boy

We started out with a few hens. I hestitated ordering chicks via mail because I would have had to order 30 of the little buggers. I didn't want 30 fowl, that's too many, I thought. Twelve. Twelve is a good number.

Yeah. We now have 25 assorted fowl. Five of them are "rescues" from homes that just didn't want them any more. Three of them are roosters. I dislike roosters, most vehemently. But I can't kill them, damned softie that I am. Hopefully they will all live in peace together, if not, may the best cock win.

We had a little incident last week and lost two hens to a marauding racoon. He also managed to get hold of one rooster and break his wing. He's healing and his new name is Lucky. The nasty murdering beast pulled one chicken through the chicken wire, which was rather messy. The other one was just...gone. We fixed that problem by putting a strand of electric fence up around the bottom of the coop and so far, it's been effective.

However, the henhouse we have now is just not big enough. Here's the new one in progress:

All I have to say is Hubby must like those chickens/fowl a lot more than he will admit to build them such a fancy henhouse.

Did I mention we have all kinds of fowl, not just chickens? Two ducks are in the flock.

And six of these little guys are in the basement in the brooder right now:

They are guinea fowl. They originate in Africa, are commonly seen in zoos and their favorite food EVER are ticks. They are very loud and are considered excellent farmyard "guard dogs." Cute little buggers, aren't they?

Yup, we're swiftly becoming a zoo! You'll be happy to know I turned down an offer of a pot-bellied pig just this past weekend. Yes I did! No pigs for me. I am on the hunt for a couple of Nubian, Alpine or Toggenburg doelings though, so if anyone knows a dairy goat breeder, I'm looking.


Rebecca said...

My uncle had a farm when I was growing up. But wait, let me back up and say I am the epitome of a city gal.

So my uncle brilliantly sent my cousin Jimmy and me out to collect eggs one morning. Jimmy and I walked in and quickly realized chickens don't just let you have their eggs.

So Jimmy says, "I'm going to create a distraction, and then you grab the eggs." He then starts running around in circles, waving his arms, yelling some nonsense. The chickens did not like this and immediately joined in his chaos.

This was when I was to grab the eggs. I bolted out of there instead.

Absolutely Bananas said...

LOVE the guinea fowl -they're beautiful!

whitetrashmom said...

Racoons are always so cute when their not in your yard. Ugh! Hate them!

Nancy @ World Wide Rolves said...

Burrito's farm has pot-bellied pigs!

Jenn said...

Rebecca...that is HYSTERICAL! Knowing how quickly chickens can get their panties in a bunch, I can just imagine the madness your cousin created! Ha!

They are kind of attractive, aren't they? A lot like vultures in peacock's feathers. I like them a lot.

Raccoons are more than welcome on my property...as long as they stay IN THE WOODS! And not murdering my poor fowl or getting into the Dumpster.

Nancy: Unruly wants a pig. I once worked a horse facility that had a pot-bellied pig just wandering around. That thing dug massive CRATERS everywhere and then adopted a corner of one horse's stall and refused to budge. The horse didn't much care to share her space. I don't need craters in my pasture!