Wednesday, August 01, 2007

If I had a few million dollars

My bloggy friend, Rebecca, wrote about winning the lottery and asked what we would do with lottery winnings. If we played the lottery. Which I don't. But who doesn't sometimes just sit around and dream about having a couple million to spend? I'd LOVE to look in my check book and see all those zeros. Or, even better, cash it out and stash the wads of cash in my sock drawer, just because they would be cool to look at every morning. "Oooh! Look at that roll of $100s! Next to my underwear! Cool."

Five things I would do if I won the lottery (and it has to be the mega lotto, because if there's one thing I can do well, it's spend money.)

1. Pay off the mortgage and ALL our bills and build my dream barn, complete with ceiling fans and brass hardware. That way I can start fostering and retraining retired Thoroughbreds while they wait to find new homes after their last race.

2. Special order the biggest honking redneck pickup truck I can find and have a custom matching horse trailer with living quarters built. All in purple and black. Oh, and smiley face fog lamps on the pickup.

3. Buy a house and a big chunk of land in the mountains for my mom. Because while it is TOTALLY awesome that's she's so free and unencumbered by worldly goods, one can only indulge one's inner gypsy for so long before you just want a bed that's your own.

4. Hand a huge wad of cash to my sister, a half a mill or so. That way she can pay off all her school loans, replace that piece of crap rust bucket she's driving now and buy the house she's always wanted. But she's not allowed to buy any more shoes with it. She has PLENTY of those.

5. Set up gigantic trust funds for both girls that they can only touch if they graduate from college.

6. (Okay, I lied about the five thing) Travel a LOT. To Ireland. Spain. Greece. Germany. Australia. And anywhere else that catches my millionaire fancy.

Of course, I'd donate generously to a couple of my favorite charities, like ex-racehorses, wild animals and kids.


Marriage-101 said...

Oh what a fun post idea! I'll have to do this.

BTW, I grew up on a Thoroughbred race horse farm. Yet, I'm not very good at riding horses. But I can shovel manure with the best of them!

amy said...

The only reason I have more than 3 pairs of shoes is because I could get $30 shoes for $1.50 while I worked at Sears. I figured I'd be good to go on shoes for the next 30 years if I got 'em.
Punk. Make me look like a shoe whore :)

Rebecca said...

Amy: do you have kids? Cause if you don't yet, I hope all those shoes still fit you after pregnancy!

Jenn: Have you seen my little gift to you on my site....(from a couple days ago)... hint, hint...

Jeff said...

I want to win the lottery just so I can realize my life long dream of doing nothing the rest of my life.

Rebecca said...

Jeff: Is that like in Office Space where he says, 'I did nothing and it was everything I thought it could be'!?

amy said...

lol rebecca, yup, I do have a kiddo, from before the shoe phase, and I still have my delicate and petite pre-pregnancy size 10's :)

Anonymous said...

Just two simple requests.... your mom wonders (1)if you could start buying those lottery tickets soon? & (2) instead of actually 'in' the mountains, your mom prefers a place in the foothills, just below the snow line (please) Thanks for being such a generous, thoughtful daughter. {Sleep in a bed of my own!!! how boring that would be! Sharing a bedroll is much more.... you know...}

Slackermommy said...

Love your list! Mine would be very similar. Especially the sharing it with the sis. I'd also move her in the big house I buy so we do the commune thing and raise our kids together.

Jenn said...

Amy, you are a shoe whore. A shoe whore with ENORMOUS feet. You're just in denial.

A big house to share, raise the kids together...I could do that! It would be fun.

Mom, I try. I'll get right on buying those lotto tickets...right after I get struck by lightning. :P

Jeff said...

OMG Rebecca!Soon as I typed that I thought of that movie.

I thought of the roomate who says something like, "Well, you don't need a million dollars to do nothing, man. Take a look at my cousin: he's broke, don't do s**"