Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It lives

Apparently I uttered "I hate you, you stupid ugly, worthless car," one too many times while driving. Because it hates me back.

Remember when it wouldn't start? Absolutely refused any hint of life. Not even giving me a "Rwar, rwar, rwar, rwar," but rather a pathetic little "click click click click" when I turned the key. Dead. Obviously dead, yes?

So I complained, and I whined and I stomped around and threw a fit.

And hubby got up this morning and went out to take a look at it. He slid into the seat, put in the key, turned it and that dumb little car started. right. up. Little jerk car.

So I made him turn it off. And start it again. And again. And again. I told him "Take it down the driveway" (it's almost a mile round trip down the driveway). And it stayed started. Freaky little bastard Cavalier. I think it's possessed. And it definitely hates me. Or I was in an alternate universe yesterday and didn't realize it. Yeah. That's the answer.

I had only one thing to say to Hubby: "So...ummm...I guess that means I'm not getting a truck?"

He laughed at me. Laughed! *sigh*


Slackermommy said...

Doesn't that figure!

Wendy said...

And did he say something like "You tried it with the key, right?"

Bad car! What was that Stephen King book??

Ninja Of The Mundane said...

I'd say your husband committed a withhold-sex-for-a-month crime. ;)

nell said...

Oh, sorry Jenn! I was hoping to live vicariously through you and the new truck, too.

Sona said...

Nothing a hammer or a pair of wire cutters can't fix.

Jenn said...

Slackermommy...yup, just goes right along with everything else in my life. And I had already come up with the name on my vanity tags, too.

Wendy...I thought he was going to. I really did. He gave me that "Are you SURE you're not crazy?" look. The King book is "Christine." Thanks for that reminder.

Ninja...well, maybe two weeks. I hate punishing myself TOO much for his crimes. :P

Nell...I was hoping to post pictures of my brand-spanking-new pickup. Maybe in '08.

Sona...hmmm...food for thought. And I just bought a brand new pair of heavy duty wire cutters.

Anonymous said...

Wow Ninja! Why you trying to get me cutoff?

Poor Jenn, she was like, "You probably think I'm crazy don't you?"

The Hubby

amy said...

Ah, well. Now you can keep saving up for the Truck of Your Dreams, and not settle for the Truck You Can Afford at the Moment.

Love the new pics, by the way. Especially that nose picking one.

Marriage-101 said...

aw man, I was hoping to see pics of a new truck on here soon. Oh well. Long Live The Cavelier!

Jenn said...

Amy...always the voice of reason! I thought you'd enjoy that nose picking one...one of her finer moments, I'm sure.

Marriage 101...Nooo!! Don't say long live the Cavalier! It might hear you!

Dorky Dad said...

What was the name of that singing Warner Brothers frog that wouldn't sing on command? Your car is like that.

goat roper said...

doesn't your dear hubby have the same affect on computers and geek stuff? you could market him as the 'electronic whisperer'. I bet he just whispered something to the Cavalier's computer (assuming they had those when it was made)

Sheila said...

My car did this just last week. Of course, I needed a new battery... Here's hoping you don't find out you need a new battery at the wrong moment.

Oh, I guess, though... is there ever a good moment?

Absolutely Bananas said...

Sneak out in the dead of night and slash its tires. THAT'll teach it!