Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Odds and ends

It's bad enough my favorite television shows are interrupted by commercials. Now, my cell phone is being inundated by text messages. So, now not only do I get to view unwanted ads, I get to pay for them, too! When did it become an okay practice for companies to text me ads? Any idea how I can make them stop? It's not like there's a national "Do Not Text" list I can sign up for.

The weather is tolerable again so I've been able to finally get to some of the chores I've been putting off because I didn't really feel like dying of heat stroke. I FINALLY got the nest boxes up in Chateau de Plume and my feathered friends are actually using them! Yes, we have eggs! Many, many eggs. Dark brown ones, light brown ones, greenish ones, speckled ones, big ones, little ones. Pretty soon we'll have light blue ones and at least one white one every day. I'm picturing a whole lot of omelets and scambled eggs and French toast in our future, and I don't even LIKE eggs. But I like my chickens, so it's a fair trade.

I've washed my truck twice in the two weeks I've had it. Once because we picked up a load of hay and the bed got DIRTY and another time because it looked a tad bit grungy! It's a sickness. I'm wanting to buy soft chamois cloths and some wax so I can rub it's body to a high sheen. I even bought a little thing of Armor-All wipes to keep in the truck, just in case. I think I washed my Cavalier a grand total of four times in the nearly eight years I had it.

What is it about days off that inspire me to do mega-deep cleaning in the house? Could it be the complete lack of children in the house? Could it be that I can crank up the music and get lost in the cleaning part without worrying about not being able to hear the "MOM!" screeching from another room? I don't know what it is, but now, my house is CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN! And it took me ALL day to get it there. I give the girls two days to return it to its usual state of not-quite-spotless. I even steam cleaned the carpets and sanitized the ceiling fans. Yet another sickness I must contend with.

Wild seems to be buckling down so far and doing her school work. So far. We are only a week and a half into the school year, so, much remains to be seen.

Unruly is doing very well with a male teacher. So far, no "bad behavior" reports. Either she's behaving OR he hasn't deemed the behavior bad enough to warrant a "mom call" yet. Still, only a week and a half into the school year. All hell can still break loose.


MP said...

I just saw an awesome french toast recipe on a Rachel Ray show.
I'm craving it now..

nell said...

The constant advertising drives me crazy, I don't get it on my cell phone yet, but on the plane on my way home from LA I had to listen to a LONG advertisement for a credit card with miles. With my seat back up and my belt fastened there was no where to go.

I'm glad the girls are off to a good start at school.

Ninja Of The Mundane said...

Sometimes going on periodic cleaning frenzies can be very cathartic. You're channeling whatever frustration or hostility you're carrying around into something productive. Beats just unplugging and unspooling ... and not dealing.

Unless, of course, tequila is involved. :)

grma said...

The way I use to clean house, music cranked high, sing along just as loud and a dance step every now and them and no one around to bug me. not that way now, someone always around, so to hick with real cleaning.

Can always sell your pretty colored eggs. maybe at work!

Wild has something to work for now.

Sona said...

Hurray! You made it a week and a half!

My daughter has already had a warning slip sent home. Really nothing major IMO, but still.

I hope Wild gets her act together and picks up the credits she needs to graduate.

The Wooden Porch said...

Goodness! You are being texted with ADS??? What a joke.

Jenn said...

mp...I make the best French toast evah! At least, that's what my kids say when I deign to cook weekend mornings instead of forcing bowls of cold cereal on them.

Nell...or how about when you have to sit through 20 min. of commercials in the movie theater? OMG. Once again, I PAID to watch ads! Gah.

Ninja...oh, yes. Very cathartic and relaxing in a bizarre sort of way. As I'm dusting my knickknacks I'm cleaning the clutter from my mind, too. And it wound up being vodka instead of tequila. Mmmm..pomegranate martinis.

grma...I've thought about selling the eggs, or, at least, giving them away. I did see a dozen free-range, organic brown eggs at the grocery going for nearly $5 carton. Which are exactly what my eggs are!

Sona...Yup, those warning slips lead to the phone calls lead to the conferences...I've been counting every blessing so far! I hope Wild does manage to graduate with her friends, she is trying, so maybe the message did got through loud and clear this time.

Wooden Porch...yes. Ads. I was shocked. It started with the "check out this new stock!" ads, its now it's texting me with phone numbers and websites to different companies offering everything from mortgages to car insurance. It's insane.

Bananas said...

Oh yeah, the text message advertising has gone TOO FAR... it's like the telemarketers who, when you pick up the phone, give you a RECORDING "please press 2 if you are 30-35..." HELLO??? YOU CALLED ME AND THEN YOU GIVE ME A RECORDING??? Give me a frickin break.