Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Christmas is starting to feel like a fully-loaded freight train. And I'm zip-tied to the tracks. It's coming and I'm not ready. Really. Not. Ready.

I've done no shopping. I've sent no cards. I have no decorations up and I'm dreading digging out the tree. Unruly has been begging to get the tree up and decorated but I just haven't been able to do it. If it was just me and Hubby, I'd skip it this year. I can't even convince myself to bake any holiday cookies and that's usually the one thing I really look forward to. A long, sweet day of baking while the cold wind howls outside and we sip hot chocolate and steal raw dough from the bowl in a nice, cozy, vanilla-scented kitchen.

I'm already over-holiday'd. Since Christmas crap has been out since, ummm, October, I'm already sick of it. I've been sick of it since before Thanksgiving.

Of course the hip-deep mud and 50-degree temperatures are not helping my Christmas spirit one bit.


MP said...

WHY???? That is what I want to know. I'm as bad as you is my husband. Why are more people non-holidayish this year?
bah humbug

Wendy said...

I'm with ya, too. I had a variety reasons to not be into it this year but fortunately we have no one coming and no commitments for xmas, so that is GREAT! Low key!

Jeff said...

Ok Scrooges, do I need to come over there and whack you all with a giant candy cane???

Seriously though I understand. It's easy to get overwhelmed during the holidays. Here's hoping you find your Christmas spirit.

goat roper said...

Last Christmas was special with your entire 'clan' invading. This one will be celebrated with quite a few less. More peaceful.

Sona said...

You know what? The idea that you 'have' to be happy or whatever at this - or any - time of the year is absurd.

So you don't feel it. So what. It'll come or not. It's just one day in your life, after all.