Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The smell: Part Deux

Eau de pepe' le peu must be the "in" fragrance for dogs this season.

Either that or they LOVE baking soda/peroxide/dishsoap and vinegar baths.

The old man, Xanthe, came in reeking of skunk stink after his morning patrol of the property. And Akasha came in last night, once again, smelling like a pole cat. I think she just found the skunk she killed and rolled around in it's aromatic remains to assure deep penetration of the fragrant, fetid, foul odor in her fur. Hubby chucked it deep in the woods on the other side of the creek, but apparently not deep enough.

But Xanthe...he was definitely sprayed by a living critter. And I think that living critter may be making its home in my stash of horse hay. Oh, the horrors! What if I lift a bale and find the thing? And it sprays ME? I don't want to take a baking soda/peroxide/dishsoap/vinegar bath! DON'T WANNA!

So, what do you do about a skunk that insists on living in the hay? We can't poison it, that's just cruel and the risk of our other critters getting into the poison is too great. We can't trap it because who's going to get close enough to the trap to remove it? Can't shoot it without risking an explosion of stinkiness. I'm not chasing it off, either, too much risk.

Suggestions? Ideas? Coupons for a few cases of baking soda, peroxide, dishsoap and vinegar?


Jane said...

Call the Dept of Wildlife.

Here, they're considered enough of a danger (rabies, distemper, etc) that the wildlife folks will come out and either live trap them or shoot them.

And they really ARE a danger.

OR... get a greyhound. Mine was fast enough that she'd manage to catch and kill the skunk before it ever had a chance to spray.

MP said...

Are you kidding me..the closest I've been to a skunk was driving down the road and smelling the road kill... that is one critter we don't get in the city!
..unlike the possum living in my garage.

goat roper said...

Reminds me of the time.... dog came into the clinic, smelling of skunk; later vomited putrid-rotted skunk remains all over the floor. Major gag-vomit reflexes stimulated! Tell hubby to bury the thing or toss in dumpster, the 'riper' it gets, the more appealing the taste... excuse me, must run now *gag*

Jeff said...

Skunk stories are awesome. They say things come in three's right?

Sona said...

Again, ammonia. Soak a couple of rags in ammonia and toss them around where the skunks are. We used to do this every time they took up residence in our woodpile.

Sona said...

Oh, and I hereby tag you with the Seven Things About Me meme.

Dapoppins said...

I am thinking coupons might be your best bet.

Lisa said...

Oh the skunks, yes I'd forgotten about those.

Hmmm... What to do? Oh wait. Need to stifle gag after reading goat roper's comment.