Friday, May 16, 2008

Mommy fails, again

I am a bad, bad mom. The worst sort possible. I'm a forgetful mom and Unruly reminds me CONSTANTLY how forgetful I can be. "Did you forget, AGAIN, mom? Sheesh." Not an uncommon phrase around here.

Yesterday Unruly lost yet another tooth. Of course, she went and lost it because she couldn't seem to keep her teeth off another little kid's WebKinz. They were playing lions, or something equally silly, and Unruly attacked that WebKinz with ferocity, yanking out a loose tooth in the process.

Anyway...the Tooth Fairy seems to be just as forgetful as Unruly's old mom. Despite carefully tucking the tooth beneath the child's pillow, the Tooth Fairy failed to materialize and leave the loot behind. I feel terrible and she was SO disappointed.

Of course, I had to come up with some kind of creative excuse for the Tooth Fairy's lax ways, right? "Maybe she couldn't find your tooth, honey," I offered hopefully.

"Mom, she's the TOOTH FAIRY of course she can find it!"

"Well, maybe LOTS of kids lost their teeth yesterday and her schedule was too packed to get to yours last night. You did go to bed kind of late,"
I explain. Surely she'll buy into that excuse, right?

"Hmmm...maybe. I dunno," she contemplated.

"You can try again tonight," I said, mentally admonishing myself to REMEMBER to leave the cash and take the tooth tonight.

"Hmmm...okay. But if she doesn't remember again, I'm telling Santa she was a bad Tooth Fairy."


Wendy said...

Oh, you baaaad mommy! Actually, if that's the worst of it, you're doing A-OK!

Jim Thomsen said...

What the hell are WebKinz?

Jenn said...

Wendy...I forget...A LOT. Wild is starting to accuse me of having "Old Timers." I yell sometimes, too, and lock myself in my room when I've HAD ENOUGH. I threatened to go on strike last week and they didn't like that too much.

Jim...ahhh...You don't have kids, so you wouldn't know. WebKinz are little stuffed animals (kind of like Beanie Babies) that have an "alternate life" online. You buy the critter and enter the "secret code" into the Webkinz site and suddenly, the little stuffed animal walks and talks (online) and the kid can play games and earn "money" for the Webkinz to buy clothes and food and furniture and toys. It's all the rage among the school age curtain climbers.

MP said...

That is great!!!