Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Nature's fury

While all the grass and trees are vibrantly green and succulent now because of all the rain we've had, we still have one little problem.

Okay, make that one HUGE problem.

Look to the right of the pond, see where the land just kind of disappears? It used to be part of the dam.

Here's a closer look. Yes, that is my pond seeping through the dirt. The pond is normally about four feet wider, but this nice big hole is draining it.

All that water rushing out of the pond also created a huge basin at the base of my brand new waterfall. The basin is about 20 feet wide at the top and probably close to eight feet deep. The widest point is where the highest point of the dam USED to be. Before it washed away.

Look, I'm IN the hole! It's over my head. I could practically LIVE down here, but I don't think the snakes and crawfish would like the company too much. And exposed roots aren't exactly my idea of art nouveau decor.

I don't need to be convinced that water is the MOST destructive force on the planet. This was caused by rain. Too much rain, too fast and too frequently. And what's even more we are losing one end of the pond, the other end is rapidly filling up with silt from the several hundred acres of farm fields that drain into it. I guess I could feel a bit better knowing that a lot of those fields now have pretty good sized ravines running through them. And I have all their dirt. HA! Take that!

We are still trying to figure out how to fix this issue, and we need to get it done pretty quickly. But not only is water destructive, fixing the destruction is going to leave an equally enormous hole in our checking account. *sigh*


MP said...

Uggg...and after today's storms. Oh my..good luck!

Krista said...

Oy vey! That is one hole you've got there! Although I'm not exactly sure in my head where your pond used to be I'll take your word for it that it's smaller.
Can't you just dredge up all that lovely silt in the other end and use it to fill the hole? (yes, I know that would probably require expensive machinery, but at least you'd already have the dirt!)

Jenn said...

MP, oh, I know. I watched those storms rolling in and immediately wondered how much more dam we'll lose. Exciting, eh?

Krista...I have definitely considered that. I've even stood on the silty end of the pond and attempted to very nicely talk the dirt into migrating to the OTHER end of the pond. So far, it's not listening. As far as where it used to be...the water was once up over all that green stuff you see growing around the edges. About four feet further up the bank, all around.

Kathy said...

News Headline.... Illinois Grand Canyon found in ----ville!
OH MY! I will have the cowboy take a look at these pictures. We may have to take a trip to your farm for a closer view. OH MY! LMAO I had NO idea it was this bad.

Jim Thomsen said...

Doesn't it just suck when nature gets in the way of going natural?