Monday, May 12, 2008

Not so pumped

Occasionally we hold a little get-together at our house. Invite a few friends over, toss some flesh on the grill, fill a cooler full of beer and light up a bonfire for nighttime revelry.

The Hubster decided he wants to have a BBQ/Bonfire/Pool party at the end of the month. Which is all fine and dandy. I'm all for having some friends over and just hanging out. However, in the past, even though it's typically Hubster's idea to plan the party and invite all the peeps, I get stuck with all the preparing, cleaning, cooking and shopping to make sure the party is a success. Somehow, it always works out that way. He decides he wants a party, I get to do all the grunt work to prepare for and execute said party.

Well, this time, he said he'd take care of it all. Of course, I had to bitch that I always get stuck with the work part of the party when he plans them before he stepped up to take on some of the responsibility. He promised I wouldn't have to worry about spending the night before in the kitchen prepping food or the week before steaming carpets, scrubbing floors, cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, gathering firewood, shopping, cleaning the pool and figuring out where to find more chairs and tables. GREAT! I thought, a party where I can just relax and ENJOY! I'll do a few things and let him do the rest. It's HIS party afterall.

Not so. Conveniently, he's being shipped off to Las Vegas for a work conference the week of our party. And he gets home the day before the party. So, guess who's going to get to do all the grunt work yet again? Yup. Me. *sigh* I knew this was going to happen. I KNEW it. Deep inside I knew I'd get to be the "one who makes it all happen" again.

He'd better have a really, really good reward for me when he comes back from Sin City. That's all I have to say about that.


amy said...

No wonder you get so stressed, steam cleaning the carpet before a party! That should be after the party, silly!

But honestly, which would you rather do: the pre-party prep or the after-party scrub? I would SO much rather do the preparing than do the day-after disaster recovery!

Jenn said...

But the carpet is already icky...imagine how much ickier it would be AFTER a party! Sometimes, having kids and pets really sucks, especially when it comes to having anything stain-free carpets and non-destroyed furniture.

I'm gonna let Hubster do the after-party disaster recovery. HA!

Krista said...

Good luck with that... this is why I don't have parties very often... plus I live in a teeny tiny apartment!

Sona said...

Are you insane? If he's going to be gone, move the party back a week.

Just call your guests and tell them that due to an unexpected business trip the party has been moved.

Don't you dare do all the work again.

Kathy said...

My idea;
Let the house be, an outdoor party and no one even looks anyways.
Buy loads of sandwich fixin's. Lay it all out as a buffet and every one can create their own favorite sub sandwich. Have chips and stuff too.
Dessert: Several kinds of icecream, those cheap mustard and ketchup squirt bottles from the dollar store, filled with various icecream toppings. Get whipped cream, nuts, cherries etc, then after sandwiches, everyone can make their own favorite ice cream sundae. Of course you must use ONLY paper plates and bowls. Afterwards, hubby does the clean up. RELAX and have fun!

Jim Thomsen said...

I have a married female friend who says it's good to build up "martyr points" in the marriage to be cashed in later for pricey vacations, new cars, great clothes, first-class spa treatments, etc.

Keep a scorecard on the fridge. :)