Saturday, August 30, 2008

You know you live in the boonies...

When most normal people mow the lawn they probably have the typical obstacles to avoid: trees, sidewalks, flower beds.

On most of my mowing days I find myself stopping or attempting to avoid some things that just shouldn't be there. Typically I have to wait for guineas to move out of the way and normally, they aren't inclined to be rushed. Goats, dogs, horses, turkeys, chickens and ducks are also fairly typical.

Today, it was socks and panties. Yes. I said "panties." What in the heck are panties and socks doing in the yard you may wonder? I wondered too. Apparently Unruly got "too hot," and shed the most sweat-inducing articles of clothing left on her body. Her socks and underwear. Which tells me another thing. The kid was outside, again, cavorting with the critters in nothin' but her SKIVVIES!

No, I'm not raising a country kid comfortable in her own skin. Not at all.

On another note I've started the tilling for my new veggie garden. Started being the operative word. My ground? It resembles concrete at the moment. The sprinkler is running on the area I'm planning to till in an attempt to soften it up. And here I had all these grand illusions that I'd get a BUNCH of tilling done today so I'll have everything ready to plant bulbs and wildflower seeds this fall. That's me, grand plans foiled once again by Mother Nature.


Alicia said...

Your Unruly and my Rock would get along amazingly well, I think. I have a very hard time keeping clothes on that boy!

As for myself, I can hardly wait til the boys are in bed and I can get nekkid and jump in the pool by starlight.

Sona said...


Well that's nature for ya.

Kathy said...

Great she has a place to run free and nekked!
I did the bronco tiller ride myself this spring. ugh

Jenn said...

Alicia...I've decided I'm only going to start to worry if she hits puberty and still insists on going au naturale! Oooh...I know what you mean about the pool! Hubby and I look forward to the times when the girls are both gone for a couple of hours so we can do the skinny dipping thing.

Sona...Yup! She was totally born in the wrong decade. She should have been born in the 60s. What a flower child she would have been!

Kathy...that she does! I'm not quite sure what it says about my parenting skills that she prefers to be naked...Hubby and I were both SO sore the next day. Shoulders, neck, wrists, arms, ouch! I think I'll train one of the horses to drive and see if I can find a horse-drawn plow for next time. Sheesh!