Friday, November 28, 2008

T-day delayed

So, we didn't have Thanksgiving on Thursday. We spent the day outside getting outside stuff done. You can't pass up a 60-degree, sunny day at the end of November!

Actually, it was planned that way. We are having our Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday, with guests. One of our guests, whom we have over for Thanksgiving every year, had to work Thanksgiving day this year, so, we moved it. No big deal. Thanksgiving is whenever you celebrate it, as long as you celebrate it with friends, right? He doesn't have any family in the area and otherwise wouldn't have a Thanksgiving meal at all.

This is our Thanksgiving dinner. Sans feathers, of course. Gobble gobble! We weighed him a couple of weeks ago and he was up to 43#. That's gonna be a LOT of leftover turkey sandwiches! And soup. And turkey

1 comment:

Wendy said...

Run, turkey, run!!

(he's very handsome. are you sure you can do it? maybe he could mow your lawn for you instead?)