Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The bugs

See them wiggle, see them creep, see them crawl. Imagine them crawling all over your body and through your hair. Can't you feel their little legs walking across your skin? Itch itch itch. Scratch scratch scratch. Shudder!

We have (had) them. Unruly's school called Friday with the news no parent wants to hear.

"Your child has lice. You need to come pick her up. Now."

LICE!? OMG!! Gross gross gross! I am absolutely MORTIFIED!! We're not dirty people! She bathes and washes her hair EVERY night! I'm probably one of the cleanest people I know. I'm so organized and clean I have little spasms of panic when things are out of place or someone left a coffee ring or milk drip on the counter. I cannot stand disorganization or dirtiness. I'm so bad my family accuses me of being OCD.

Now imagine how someone who may be a tad bit OCD about cleanliness reacts when she finds out her kid has bugs. In her hair. And probably on every last bit of clothing and bedding she owns. It's a full-out battle.

We went through nearly an entire jug of laundry soap and at least four full hot water tanks washing everything that kid has touched. Including my sheets and blankets.

She got to sit with insecticide on her head and sit again, for hours, while her father combed through her hair seeking nits.

Ugh. Just writing about it is making my head crawl with imagined bugs. I made my hubs check ME for lice and nits because Unruly likes to climb into bed with me and snuggle. I just KNEW she snuggled those nasty little critters right onto my own head.

He found none, thank goodness!

So, in 7 to 10 days we get to dump chemicals on her head again, just in case we missed any of the nasty little critters.


Wendy said...

ugh. even my head itches reading this. hope you got all them buggers.

Kathy said...

bummer! but they must be all dead after your attack!

Sona said...

I guess the question is: how did she get them?

Make sure she knows not to share brushes, combs, hair things, towels, etc.

Good luck!

kristi said...

Oh, they don't attach to dirty hair so it's not a question of being clean. Sara got them when she was 6. She had LONG curly hair. That was fun.


Krista said...

Ew ew ew!!! I once caught a ride to school with a neighbor who had like 6 kids. Then that night she called to say that her kids had lice. Aaaaa!!! Thankfully I did not get them, but man was I worried!