Monday, July 31, 2006


When the girls are home my kitchen sink is typically the repository for empty cereal bowls, plastic tumblers with a skim of dried milk at the bottom and half-washed paintbrushes with their companion multi-hued rinsing cups.

This week, my sink has been the landing spot for ice cream bowls and spoons and wine glasses with a drop of the sticky red stuff left in the bottom. We've been too long without the kiddos, it's time for them to come home. I want to rinse a few ignored peas off a Scooby-doo plate and fish popsicle sticks from the drain. I miss the "Who spilled the Kool-Aid in the fridge?" game and can barely remember the last time I screamed in agony after stepping on an abandoned Lego.

Visitors to my new digs should never arrive too hungry, they may be tempted to just wander around and lick the walls.
My living room is now a Toasted Coconut, the dining room and kitchen awash in Lemon Basil. The family room is a deliciously smooth Dark Chocolate accented with a rich Merlot and February Gold (okay, February gold, not so tasty.) Wild's room is Wild Asparagus and Peapod Green while Unruly's has one wall that will become Raspberry Splash (the other walls are lavendar, and it was just TOO much lavendar, even for my purplicious loving self.)

The swimming pool is still green. I'm beginning to think we should just add a few Koi and some lily pads and call it done. Okay, okay, it's not that bad. But I really, really wanted to swim last night and I just couldn't see myself diving in while the algae still clung to the bottom. It's not thick or nasty or slimy, it's just... unsightly. I know it's sanitary because we've run a few water tests on it, we just have an algae issue at this point. Hubby keeps promising he's doing everything right, but it had been so neglected before we moved that it's just taking a long time to get it clean and sparkly. I'm choosing to believe him, for now.

My new first aid kit is a pair of needle nose pliers and a box cutter. The toothpick-sized splinter in my calf (ouch!), practically needed an entire tool box to remove, but, I finally got it out...using a pair of tweezers after I got back to the old house. It really was toothpick-sized, really, and I have the swollen, bruised leg to prove it. There's even a hole there where the splinter was once wedged. That's what I get for moving around great hulking splintery 4x4s in shorts.

I need to buy a real first aid kit to keep in my car.

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