Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I would drive 1,242 miles...

to leave my daughters in my sister's care for, oh, about six weeks! I think she's a bit off her rocker, but hey, who am I to say 'No thank you, I don't think I'd enjoy a kid-free vacation. No, not at all.'

I feel...free, relaxed, like walking around the house totally naked (did that this morning! FREEDOM!), like I'm on an exotic vacation .... and I'm missing them like hell.

Two days. It's been two days of peace and quiet, blissful silence, plenty of alone time with hubby working the midnight shift. Sleeping alone is kind of scary, especially in that 20 minutes between crawling into bed and falling asleep. All those normal noises the house make, the cats tearing through the place like wild banshees, the coyotes outside screaming at each other, are somehow terrifying. I just KNOW there is a slobbering madman with an axe waiting patiently around the corner, or in the hallway so he can chop me up as I sleep. I feel like a kid all over again, waiting for the big Bogeyman
hand with nails dripping goo and wart-covered fingers to reach up and grab my leg and pull me under the bed for a midnight snack.

When did I turn into such a scaredy cat? Sheesh.

This morning I spotted the absolutely adorable picture of Unruly pasted inside a golden construction paper star, tacked on her bedroom door to announce to the world that this room belongs to a Princess Star of the World. For an instant, my throat caught, and I missed her. I wanted a hug. I wouldn't even mind her licking my face or arms, as she is apt to do when she is feeling particularly affectionate. Yes, it's weird. She thinks she's a puppy, but I hope it's one of those things she'll grow out of.

I can't say I miss Wild as much as I miss Unruly...teenage girl, ya know. Moody. Distant. Gray cloud following her around. Boys. Boys. Boys. Make-up. Hair. Boys. Minor incidents that turn into major life-destroying events of galactic proportions. Boys. Clothes. You get the idea. I'm not missing that little bit of drama, not quite yet.

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