Monday, August 14, 2006

Home again, home again

I have returned to the homestead with kiddos in tow. Oh, how I missed them! I didn't realize how much I truly missed them both until I hugged them close and buried my nose in the coconut shampoo and kid sweat aroma that is Unruly's hair and felt Wild's warmth pressed against my body. The house feels alive with both kids home, loud, a little bit hectic, mildly scattered and absolutely perfect. They love the new house. Wild loved the greens we chose for her room and Unruly was thrilled with the purple bead curtains in hers.

Unruly was amazed that we still had our old stuff.

"We still have the microwave?! And the TV?! You brought the CATS?! And my TOYS!!!!" Gleeful clapping of hands and squealing ensued as she hopped around the house, touching our stuff, comforted by it's presence. She was utterly amazed that a new house doesn't mean all new stuff. I think, in her little world, that a new house meant we'd just leave everything behind and move into an already furnished, ready to live in new abode with all new, all different stuff. Her reaction to the old stuff in the new space indicates she was quite pleased that it didn't work the way she thought it would. She would have missed the cats, and the dog, and her toys and books, far too much, she shared, and was glad we brought them with us.

I have to figure out something to do with my chickens, soon. They can't keep living in the dog kennel. They want to hunt for bugs and whatnot, and I think they are starting to get on each other's nerves. Poor little things. From having full run of the yard to being confined to a little 2'X 4' space, what a shock. I am a bit concerned about visits we've gotten from a pack of three Great. Big. Dogs. I don't know where they came from, but I'm guessing they are someone's farm dogs just out roaming around. They were harassing my chickens yesterday. I'm worried I won't be able to let them out to forage with dogs out running loose. I'm worried they may beat up my poor old lab, who won't, and can't defend himself. He's too old, and he's kind of a pansy. What if they show up while my girls are outside playing and attack them? What happens when I get my goats and those dogs show up and kill them? I can't have it, and, as cold and heartless as this sounds, I will shoot them or poison them if they show up and harass my livestock again. As a landowner, it is my duty to protect my livestock and my property. It is also my obligation to assure my animals stay on my property, which they will. I expect no less from any other landowner in the area.

I've decided the only way to fly from now on is to ship all my luggage UPS before I leave and arrive at the airport buck naked with ticket in hand.

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