Thursday, August 31, 2006

No Customer Service, period

For the most part I'm an understanding, amiable and easy to work with customer. I tend to accept more in crappy customer service than I probably should, usually on the assumption that "everyone is human" and everyone has a bad day or makes a mistake from time to time.

A month ago we went to a popular electronics/furniture/appliance superstore (American Electronics), and ordered a new bed, mattress set and dresser with vanity mirror for unruly. We also bought a nifty cocktail table I absolutely fell in love with. As of today, Aug. 31, the company has cashed my check and most likely spent my money while I sit here, with not a single stick of new furniture. It has been excuse after excuse, and I'm am absolutely FED UP. The stuff was supposed to be delivered to our house by 7 p.m. today...guess what? No bed. No mattress. No dresser and no cocktail table. Oh, and no call saying "Oops! Sorry, no delivery for you today!" I am absolutely disgusted and angrier than I have EVER been with any company. My daughter is sleeping either on the couch or with me when she should be curling up in her very own, brand new bed. I sent a nasty, nasty, very unhappy email to the store manager at the store we bought the new stuff and I'm anxious to see what kind of lame excuse he or she will have THIS TIME.

I'm so frustrated and angry and just plain pissed that I could spit flaming nails. They better be ready to give us a cash refund of the ENTIRE amount or start taking fees off. We can start with the delivery fee, or LACK of delivery fee.

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