Monday, August 21, 2006

This and That

Most of the weekend was spent mowing, raking, tearing out dead wild rosebushes that attacked me at every turn, ripping up nasty, tall brush from the pasture, finding the fence line and finishing up the painting and carpet shampooing at the old house. Relaxing, eh? Ha! More like bone-weary, and I still had to go to work this morning.

Oh, and I did two loads of wash, put it out on the line and put it all away. God, I love the smell of line-dried clothes. Yes, towels tend to be a little "crispy" on the line, but they smell so sunny and sweet. Well worth it. Plus, if I save a nickel or two not using the dryer, I'm a happy green camper.

A portion of fence line along the driveway is now visible! *cheers* It only took two hours of whacking, pulling, cutting, swearing, bleeding and mowing to get, oh, about 50 feet cleared. Unruly thought it was NEW fencing. Only 2 million more feet to go!

Not really, but it sure feels that way. My arms are scratched and irritated and starting to get itchy. Damned weeds. Only 700 kajillion more weeds to go!

We need a riding mower, badly. I just can't do the entire 10 acre pasture with a push mower that is limping along on it's last spark plug. I'll be scouring the papers for a used one, at least one that will get us through fall so I can get the pasture weeded, mowed, fertilized and overseeded. I know I won't have horses on the pasture until at least another year so I have time to get it into good shape, I want to get a good head start on it so it will be well established by the time the first horse lips partake of succulent greenery.

The Sunday night Super Glue-capades. Super Glue is my arch-enemy. Perhaps this is why I never seem to have any around when I need it, or why I never buy it when I see it. However, I needed it yesterday. I didn't realize I needed it until I spotted it at Wal-mart (why does it always seem work that way? Go in for a shoe lace, come out with a new set of dishes and a variety of crap I really don't need.) I took the evil little package home to make a few minor repairs to a couple of knickknacks injured in the moving process.

That's when all hell broke loose. I read the instructions, carefully. Avoid contact with eyes, skin, nostrils, tongue, lips, nose. Not for internal use. Easy enough, right? I think I can restrain myself and not eat, drink, inhale or snort the Super Glue.


Slowly, and with great caution, I used the little pointy thingy on the twisty-off lid to puncture the tin seal on the top of the tube.

Why the instructions didn't mention Super Glue is manufactured using a highly-pressurized process that causes the substance to spew forth from newly created hole in great abundance? Why? My fingers were COVERED with rapidly drying Glue Everything to Anything and I was afraid to touch anything around me. My fingers had dried together! Trapped! Sealed! What if the skin rips off?! What if I'm stuck like this...FOREVER?!

Wild to the rescue! She poured some paint thinner into a ceramic bowl and I was able to get MOST of the crap off. A white residue remained on my flesh, but at least my fingers are no longer stuck together. I could wiggle them independently again.

Proceed to fixing the knickknacks and all goes well. Knickknacks are repaired and all looks good.

Little did I know I had a small dab of that evil, vile substance clinging to a finger. An itch erupts, on my chin. I scratch it and transfer the evil, vile substance to the tender skin beneath my lower lip.

Okay, raise your hands if you automatically lick your lower lip area if you feel something wet there? I do. It's automatic, I can't help it. I don't know how many bugs I've licked doing that...ugh.

I stuck my tongue out to lick my lower lip. My tongue stuck, firmly. OH MY GOD! My tongue stuck that way! My mom told me it would one day, and it did! She was right, yet again! I couldn't talk! I couldn't drink! I couldn't eat! I WAS GOING TO DIE!

Wild go a good laugh at me, ("Ha! Ha! Mom, you look good that way!") But I didn't die. I pulled on my tongue, I wiggled and waggled it to and fro. I think I peeled a layer of taste buds off my tongue, but I successfully retracted back where it belonged, in my mouth.

I threw the remaining Super Glue away. There is a reason I don't buy that stuff. My tongue hurts, but at least my knickknacks their pieces-parts put back on where they belong.

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