Tuesday, August 08, 2006

An Unorganized Life

There are very few things that truly bother me, but feeling completely unorganized and out of control is one of them. This whole moving thing has jput my life into an uproar. Because my house is unorganized, the rest of my life is unorganized. I'm the kind of person who knows where everything is at any given time and NOT knowing is something I just don't deal well with.

Typical exhange:
Hubby: "Hon, have you seen my thingamajigger?"
Me: "Yup, it's beneath the whatchamacallit in the rear right corner of the second drawer to the left of the cabinet in the kitchen, exactly where I put it three years ago."

I can't keep track of a damn thing, I can't find a damn thing, and I feel like I'm starting to spiral.

There are boxes EVERYWHERE and I haven't a clue where to start. I don't know where half my crap is and the other half is in a gigantic pile in my bedroom. I just want to sit down and sob because the task ahead is so damned daunting. So many boxes, so much crap. The stuff of our lives is all boxed up and stacked throughout the house and my schedule is an absolute mess.

It's driving me batty.

I blew up at Hubby this morning because I couldn't find the file box containing all of our vital records, the birth certificates, immunization records, etc. we needed to register Wild and Unruly in their new schools. Argghh!!! Frustration central and I took it out on him. Being the saint he is, he didn't yell back or lose his temper back at me. I think he knows once I've worked myself up into a tizzy the best thing to do is to just let it run its course.

And I still have to go back to the old house and patch nail holes, paint a bedroom, shampoo carpets, scrub cabinets, scrub the bathroom and do some paint touchups. It's neverending. I can't even enjoy my new house yet.

I go pick up the girls Friday, another whirlwind 9-hour trip (one way!), a few rushed hours with the Northern relatives, a weekend gone by far too quickly and a Monday morning that will arrive sooner than I would like it to.

I'd love to sink into the deep blue, aromatic waters of a Calgon-filled tub, but my bathtub is currently the storage place for my scrapbooking supplies until I can get my craft area set up. *sigh*

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