Monday, August 28, 2006

Warning: Bitching and Moaning Ahead

There are some things about working the late shift I absolutely hate, like, well, working until the sun goes down. Or, fighting that "itchy" feeling when the hands on the clock in the newsroom hit 5 p.m. It's quite an unnerving feeling when everyone else is heading out the door and I'm pretty much just starting my day.

One thing I do enjoy about starting my day in the afternoon is the few precious hours I have in the morning to just do what needs to be done without distraction. This morning I managed to get the carpets in the living room, dining room and bathroom steam cleaned and the kitchen floor scrubbed. I also managed to fit in about 1 1/2 hours of "me" time sitting on the deck with my coffee and a book, just absorbing the world around me for awhile. It feels good to get to work knowing how much stuff I've already accomplished, knowing my day can really only get better as I accomplish even more with each passing hour.

I am so productive when I get up early, and if I had an oven, I probably would have baked a batch of cookies or made some homemade bread for dinner. Yes, I still have no oven. I thought I'd be okay with it, but, it's been about a month now and I'm starting to run out of meals I can cook in the microwave. I did discover last night that mac n cheese with ham can be made in the microwave, but I'm seriously craving some good oven-cooked food. Maybe a roast or a baked chicken, some lasagna, a cake maybe some cookies and biscuits. Momma needs an oven, and she needs one SOON! I feel like I'm skimping on my family, feeding them food from the microwave or the grill. I mean, we can only eat so much barbecued chicken or pork ribs before they land on the "old and boring" list. I keep forgetting I have a crock pot. I may have to pick up the fixins' for chili or pot roast this weekend.

We were going to have a housewarming BBQ party this weekend, but with the mortgage due Friday, I don't think I'm going to have a whole lot of "extra" left in the ole bank account to cover the dead flesh, fixin's and brew for a proper BBQ party. I guess I'm going to have to reschedule it for NEXT weekend, then we could probably swing the expense.

The pool is a disaster area again. It needs a serious scrubbing and vacuuming, and wouldn't ya know it, hubby keeps saying he's far too busy to get to it. *sigh* I guess the fact that I also work full time on top of keeping house, doing chores, grocery shopping, making dinner, helping with homework, going to the barn every day to clean the stall and getting the extra "clean up" stuff done around the property doesn't count. The frame for the chicken coop isn't done yet, and it seems like he is just coming up with excuses not to do it. "The wood is wet. We don't have any chicken wire yet. I havent' finished the design. I haven't had time. It's too hot out." Okay, I admit, that's not fair, but I'm feeling highly frustrated about the amount of time, energy, sweat and blood I'm putting into this property and not really seeing him pulling his share. I know, I know, he has school, too, but it's only three evenings a week. How the heck do I manage to fit everything in and still find time for family but he doesn't? Unruly had homework this evening, he was home, I was at work...guess what DIDN'T get done? Guess who I'll have to wake up 1/2 an hour early to make sure it gets done? I'm. Just. Frustrated. And I'm starting to take it out on him because he just doesn't get it. He just doesn't understand that I'm frustrated and feeling like I'm the only one putting any effort into getting stuff done. Now that that's off my chest, the bitch fest is over.

It's beautiful out tonight. I would love to throw open ALL the windows and invite the cool night air in. I would, too, if the torn screens were fixed. Guess I'll do that this weekend. Just add it to the list of things I have to do.

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