Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Lights out, please

So, what's up with the orange and red lights? Everywhere I look there are "Halloween" lights strung from trees, shrubbery and porches. So, now not only do we have to put up with far too many Christmas lights, Easter lights, Valentine's Day lights and St. Patrick's Day lights, we get to see Halloween lights, too. Who thinks this shit up? I mean really, who sits around and thinks "Hmm...I really LOVE Christmas lights...why not lights for every holiday!" Happy happy. Joy joy.

Driving past some of the nicer houses, you know, the great big ones I'm sure have far too many rooms that keep family members far too far apart and are destroying the basic fabric that binds families tightly together? Well, I noticed how many of these houses sport massive quantities of outside landscape lighting that fight to outshine the lights emanating from every room in the house AND the damned Halloween lights. If everyone would just turn off unnecessary lights, we could probably save about half the energy we use in the good ole U.S.A. every day. Hello, it's night, the sun is sleeping on the other side of the planet. It's supposed to be dark outside! Unfortunately, people are too afraid of other people and refuse to turn their lights out.

Because deep inside, we are all afraid of what we can't see in the dark. We can handle the dark, we just can't handle what might be hiding in the dark. But, follow me here. If everyone turned out most of their outdoor lights, there would be no light left to make shadows for boogeymen to hide in. We'd all see them by their flashlights because the bad guys can't see in the black of night either.

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