Thursday, November 02, 2006

No Dogs Allowed!

How do you baffle a canine, give the cats a safe haven and take away the dog's favorite tasty snack, all at the same time?

You install a Cathole and let the games begin! The cats love it, the dogs abhor it and we are amused by it. Akasha sits in front of the Cathole, her little snout stuck in it and whines at the cats, wanting the cat chasing to commence and hoping for a tasty cat box snack. The littlest kitty, Boo Boo, is scared of Akasha, but has no qualms about sitting on the other side of the door in our master bathroom, right in front of the hole, to glare at Akasha in safety. She teases that silly dog and her little cat brain knows exactly what she is doing. I just wonder what she says to get Akasha so riled up.

When Hubby first installed the Cathole, I truly did not think gargantuan Gaston would be able to shove his royal fatness through it. I had visions of him getting stuck halfway through the opening, his overly plump stomach wedged snugly in the door. He's our "special kitty," a little bit slow, but entertaining, and I could just imagine how he would react to getting stuck in a cat-sized mousehole. The girls and I had a good laugh about that image as Gaston eyed us warily, somehow knowing our laughter was at his expense. He does fit, by the way, and I knew he'd have to figure out how to get through or starve to death, although, missing a few meals would probably do him more good than harm. When he does squeeze through, he kind of resembles meat being forced through a sausage-making machine. It is rather amusing.

Unruly has tried to fit through the thing and managed to get part of her head through before I convinced her that she'd probably get stuck if she got it all the way through. She has attempted to shove the cats through it simply because she wanted them to use the thing, and, as you can imagine, they were none to happy about her idea of a good time. Ever try to shove a claws-extended cat somewhere it does not want to go? Not easy, and not possible for a five-year-old to accomplish. Yet another amusement provided by this fabulous little invention!

And the most amusing of all? Truly hysterical? Ready for it? Unruly now has a full-view peek at me while I use the bathroom. No longer does she just stand outside the bathroom and bang on the door while whining that she needs to tell me something very important right now!, she can now hold a full conversation with me while lying on her stomach and peering through the Cathole at me. At least she waits outside the door. Just a year ago she had no issues with barging on in while I was on the toilet to have a friendly little chat. Why is it that moms can never pee in peace? What is up with that? As soon as I head to the bathroom, Unruly (and sometimes Wild), have a sudden pressing need for my full and undivided attention. Hello...I was just in the living room with you and you acted like I didn't exist! How did my full bladder suddenly make you realize the world would end if I was permitted to pee in peace? Gah!

The it, hate it, need it.


Thomas Robinson said...

Made even more funny as I know where everything is and who Wild and Unruly are :-)

Jenn said...

Thank you! They are quite a pair, those girls.

Anonymous said...

When I first started reading this Jenn, my eyes saw that you had installed a Catholic. You know me well enough to know I was fairly bewildered for a bit until I saw it correctly hehehe


Jenn said...

OMG! I installed a Catholic! ROFL!!!