Monday, November 20, 2006

Not so girly

Sometimes I think my husband got the raw end of the deal when he married me. He thought he was marrying a woman. Instead, he got a redneck tomboy who prefers horses and dirt to wine and roses.

We were sharing our Christmas lists with each other recently, an annual thing. Ever notice the older you get the harder it is to come up with a list for your significant other? Most of what I want I find a way to get myself. Well, this year I had spent some time thinking about what I would like, what I need. And I figured I was being pretty practical when I asked for a bottle of my favorite perfume Tabu because I am down to the last two spritzes, a book about building horse barns, run-in sheds and other livestock shelters, a chainsaw, a post pounder, a giant wheelbarrow and gas-powered weed whacker. Practical stuff, right? Stuff we need and things I'd like to have.

"Why can't you just ask for girly stuff?" he asked, obviously befuddled by my wish list. "Sometimes, I just need to get you girly stuff."

"I did ask for girly stuff. Perfume is girly stuff." I said.

"When was the last time you acted like a girl?" he asked. "You never act like a girl."

"Ha! I do so act like a girl, in fact, I wore a skirt, ummm.... a, two months ago. That's girly! And I have smelly soaps and lotions and I like perfume! I asked for perfume! I am too a girl!"

He just laughed at me and shook his head. He asked me if I knew why he hasn't bought any power tools for himself even though he has been wanting to.

Of course, I had no idea why not. I really didn't. I figured he just hadn't quite yet decided exactly what power tools he wanted.

"Because I know if I do, you'll covet them and I'll never get to use my own tools!"

Duh. We can share the power tools, I offered helpfully.

This is nothing new, this tomboy thing I have for power tools. When I was in high school I asked for, and got, a tool box with tools and a saw of my own. For Christmas. And I was THRILLED! One of the best presents ever. I built rabbit hutches and a chicken coop and a run-in shed. I built a bookcase and a hay rack for the horses and repaired all kinds of stuff. I like building things. I helped build sets for the plays and musicals in high school. I was in my element. Power tools and creating things with my hands is just something I like to do.

So what if I have no use for diamonds and jewelry or fancy panties and furs. So what?

He'd just better not ask to borrow my truck when I finally get one. A man just has no business driving his woman's truck.


Anonymous said...

Do they sell pink chainsaws???

Jenn said...

Hehe! I'll bet somewhere someone makes pink chainsaws...that would solve the girly issue!