Monday, November 20, 2006

The temperature of a tornado

The youngest was asking about the H and the C on the bath tub faucet, wondering what the letters meant. Of course, it was but a little prodding and reminding before the answer dawned on her. H is for hot and C is for cold. A bit of necessary knowledge for a five-year-old, I think.

"What happens when you turn the hot and the cold on together?" she asked.
"Well, you get warm water," was the reply.

A long, thoughtful pause followed as she swirled this new knowledge around in her head for a little bit, contemplating questions of the universe.

"Then that means tornadoes are warm, right? Because they are made of hot and cold air chasing each other around and around," came the next question.

A momentary pause while this question was digested and the depth of her mind marvelled.

"Huh. I'm not sure. I think they might be."

How the heck do you answer the questions for which you have no answer? Wing it? Make something up? Do a little research with the kiddo and find the answer together? She still thinks I'm the "Big Book of Everything" and know all the answers to every question imaginable. I don't know if I'm quite ready to admit to her I don't know everything. Not even close.

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