Tuesday, December 26, 2006


flibbertigibbet \FLIB-ur-tee-jib-it\, noun: A silly, flighty, or scatterbrained person, especially a pert young woman with such qualities.

I really love this word. It's such a melodious, fantastic word. It's one you could slip into casual conversation and leave everyone wondering 'Did you hear that? What the heck is she talking about? and I would just keep on talking, ignoring their confused glances. Ex. Wild is such a little flibbertigibbet. That girl drives me crazy! I would pay the gypsies to take her away, but I'm afraid they'd leave a little imp on my doorstep in return.

Christmas has come and gone, none too quietly. How can you have a peaceful, silent night with a five year old bouncing off all walls? Christmas has to be done, no lingering for yuletide! Wal-mart was already stocking up the Valentine's Day aisle on Christmas Eve. Yes, Valentine's Day. On. Christmas. Eve. Why the heck don't they just dedicate an entire section of the store to all holidays? Sure would be easier that way, yes indeedy. Need a vampire costume in August? Simple! Stop by the All Holidays, All the Time section, stroll past the Easter eggs and pilgrim hats and find said vampire costume. Might as well pick up a few flags while you're there, just in case Flag Day sneaks up on you while you're preparing for Memorial Day!

The youngest troll woke up at 6 a.m. running around like pure sugar was coursing through her veins and squealing Santa came! Santa came!

Mama Troll: How do you know Santa came?
Unruly: Because there are PRESENTS!
Mama Troll: Oooh! Presents?
Unruly: Oh yes! And mama, you're going to be MAAAD at Santa.
Mama Troll: Mad? Why?
Unruly: Because he made a BIG MESS on your carpet AND he left cookie crumbs on the table! You're gonna be really mad. And Rudolph ate his carrot!

Big Mess does not mean Santa should to purchase a package of xtra xtra large Depends due to an incontinence problem.

Big Mess is the boot footprint of fireplace ashes I left on the carpet leading from the fireplace to the tree. I thought it was a nice touch and apparently, the kiddo noticed! Maybe I am a bit too anal about the cleanliness of my carpets if the youngest thinks I'm going to be angry at Santa Claus for leaving footprints while delivering goodies!

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