Thursday, December 28, 2006

Morning promises

There is something so incredibly invigorating about starting the day with a walk. Pulling on my shoes while the sky is still a silky dark and hitting the pavement just as the bright pink and orange of the sun begins to peek over the horizon. Early dawn is the most beautiful part of the day and has always been my favorite part of the day. My mind, and my body, are at their best before the rest of the world wakes. Dawn is so quiet and new and inspiring and so very full of the promise of life. New beginnings come with dawn, full to bursting with the possibilities of a brand new day, another chance.

The chilly air on this December morning numbed my cheeks, bit my nose and freshened my brain. I am ready to take on the day and whatever it might hold, stare it full in the face and dare it to take its best shot.

I had forgotten how much I love dawn and getting an early start. I am remembering, and it's a good memory.

I remember a few cold, snowy mornings in Kansas when I woke with the moon still high and glowing off the undulating waves of crisp snow, waking early enough to get in a quick ride before school. Slipping out of the dark, sleeping house with a bridle slung over my shoulder. Sunny's soft, welcoming snorts from the pasture, ready to ride, ready to fly. Jumping up onto her broad, warm back and wrapping my legs around her fuzzy barrel. We trotted through the deep drifts in the barren fields and she snorted and crow-hopped a bit as her hooves kicked chunks of frozen snow onto her belly. Cold feet, cold nose, watering eyes, but my legs snugged warmly against her, feeling her moving beneath me, loving every single step in that quiet, quiet time before the sun glimmered over the Flint Hills to nudge the birds and the world awake.

I can hardly wait until I have horses again and can start the day with a ride before work. Snorty horses fresh before the morning sun, dew glistening like tiny diamonds in their manes. A quiet ride with the music of soft snorts in the air, the thud of hooves on the dirt, the pounding heart keeping tempo with mine and the sweet, musky scent of horse sweat and crushed grass in my nostrils. Oh, perfection!


Birdie said...

Jenn, I'm linking to this gorgeous essay at Thanks for sharing your beautiful morning walk with us!

Jenn said...

I am glad you enjoyed taking a walk with me, it was certainly a memorable one.
Thank you very much for the link.