Friday, February 16, 2007

This and That

I'm gonna talk about snow for a minute, just because we have some. I love snow. I hate driving in snow. I love snow days. I hate the crusty black crap that freezes around the wheels of my car and make a horrible grinding noise when I turn. I love frosty breath on the chilled air. I hate frozen snot. I hate the ice on the front steps. I love the slick, crunchy snow on hill and beneath the sled. I love snowy nights because that means I can sit in front of the fireplace with my stack of flower/veggie catalogs and start dreaming about spring planting.

Mmm...spring! My yard/property is an empty canvas and I'm ready to fill it with a swath of flowers and veggies of every hue on the palette. I can't wait to get dirt beneath my fingernails and inhale that musty, rich aroma that comes from good earth when you cut into it.

Grapes, strawberries, apples, cherries and rhubarb are on the must-plant list this year. I can finally plant things that will be around for longer than one growing season! The plot I have planned for my veggie garden is the biggest yet, and I can't wait to fill it with all kinds of good stuff to eat, can and freeze. Perennial flowers and bushes taunt me from the colorful pages of my catalogs and I am SO tempted to just order one of each and plant them willy-nilly around the property, just so I can have them all! I can't decide, it's too hard.

I've been trolling eBay for a western saddle for Unruly because the adult saddles we have just aren't going to cut it. Her little legs barely reach around Chief's sides (he is shaped much like a big propane tank), much less all the way to the stirrups! So, I found a couple of cute ones and I think I'm going to go ahead and bid on a little red and black one I found. It's absolutely adorable and will match the black/silver bridle and halter Nana sent. So, cross your fingers I get in the last bid!

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Anonymous said...

I love driving 30 minutes up the mountains and playing in the snow until my fingers and toes are numb, then I drive back down to green grass, sunshine, warmth and dafodils, no snow scrapper in my truck... *smile*