Monday, February 05, 2007

Yee haw!

Oh, glorious day! I feel so fulfilled and relaxed and, dare I say, Zen-like today.

I got to ride this morning. For a fabulous, if freezing, half hour. After nearly a year of being out of the saddle, I hopped back on with sheer delight and felt everything in the world was right again. Those unbalanced bits of my life, my psyche, balanced again. I don't care that it was only 10-degrees F out, the frozen cheeks, numb toes and chilly thighs were well worth every minute.

Chief arrived yesterday afternoon and he seems to be adjusting very well, and very quickly, to his new home. He spent most of the night with his spotted head buried deep in the giant grass hay bale, munching contentedly and relaxing nicely. The girls love having him in the back pasture. I can't even begin to describe how nice it is to have a horse again. I love that we can sit in the dining room and watch him graze and walk around the pasture. Unruly, if allowed, would feed him all the carrots and apples we have in the fridge and then go digging for more treats to feed him. Wild sat and just watched him for a couple of hours after he arrived.

I hope Hubby realizes this is just the beginning of our little herd. Does he realize they may just start appearing out of nowhere? *grin*

I have fresh piles of horse turds in my pasture. Life is good.

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Anonymous said...

Life is good indeed. And all seems better from the back of a horse. Happy Trails!