Thursday, March 01, 2007

All good things

Things certainly don't happen to me in small doses. Good and bad, I suppose, because I know when bad things start happening I'll feel like I"m trapped in some kind of perverse downward spiral. However, when good things happen, they happen in spades!

I mentioned previously the job opportunity I was hemming and hawing over. It was a good opportunity, don't get me wrong. But the timing isn't right and the cons outweigh the pros too much to justify such a change. HOWEVER, something else has come up with it's usual perfect timing.

I got offered a different position at work, and I took it without hestitation. It means a big change in hours, but it's a good change, as in, leaving for work at the buttcrack of dawn to be in the office by 6:30 a.m. or 7 a.m., but getting home with a couple of hours of daylight left to enjoy my kids, my horses, my family, my life.

Say hello to the brand-spanking new online reporter/editor of the mid-sized daily newspaper I work for.

I'm very excited, and it's a step in a good direction. When you are a reporter, and want to stay a reporter, the only way to move upwards is to switch papers, always searching for that next step up in circulation. I could become an editor, but I love the writing and reporting aspect of my job too much to spend hours a day reading other people's stuff. That does not appeal to me, not in the least bit. I don't want to switch papers, I like where I am, but I was also starting to feel like I was hitting that wall, smacking my head right into it into my forehead bled and just not going anywhere. This is going to be the "shot in the arm," I was looking for and opens me up to even more possibilities as our online presence continues to grow and more positions are created to meet that need. I know they are developing a position right now that includes online reporting/editing/page design. I'm gonna want that job once it's created, and this is my foot in the door.

It will be a change for Wild and Unruly as they will have to take on the new responsibility of getting themselves out the door and on the bus in the morning without me riding their asses to get ready to go every 2 minutes. You better believe I'm going to be on the phone moving them along though, at least until they get used to doing it without continual prodding. Wild, she's pretty self-sufficient. Unruly, she is for the most part. She can get herself dressed and get her teeth brushed, but she will need help brushing her hair and help staying motivated to keep moving instead of getting caught playing with her toys or the dogs.

This could either go very badly or very well, and it is all going to depend on whether Wild and Unruly will be able to get their act together in the morning.


Lisa said...

Congrats on the new gig. Very cool and very exciting. Yeay YOU!

Jenn said...

Thank you! I've been saying for years "If I could just come in a couple hours earlier so I could have a few more hours at home at the end of the day, life would be on its way to perfect..." and then they throw in the online aspect making the whole thing even better. I'm downright giddy!