Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Dinner, interrupted

We don't get many "just stop by" visitors. In fact, we rarely see cars from our house at all, so spotting a pair of headlights bumping down the driveway around 7:30 p.m. last night was cause for excitement and general mayhem. The dogs aren't used to visitors so the insistent barking and yapping and running like mad animals from one end of the house to the other ensued. The parakeets were going nuts and the girls could hardly keep their butts in their seats to finish up dinner and I admit, I was extremely curious about who would make that drive all the way out to our house so late at night. (Well, late for us. Early to bed....early to rise. 10 p.m. is serious lateness for us early birds!)

Hubby, being the brave man he is, went to investigate, and as he headed towards the door, Unruly yelled after him, "Don't forget your gun, dad! It might be a stranger!" I must pause to insert here....we don't have a real gun, we have a BB gun, it kind of looks like an M-16, but it just shoots BBs. However, Unruly is convinced you can put someone's eye out with it, so it's her first choice of defense when she thinks defense is warranted. Because someone without an eye is someone you can get away from. She's a strange child.

So anyway, the guy who showed up did not need to have his eye put out by our M-16 BB gun. He was actually a very nice man, a stranger, yes, but a stranger with an agenda. OMG, I thought, we have a door-to-door salesman at our house! And the next house is a mile away! HOW FUNNY! He must be desperate.

Actually, he wasn't desperate, but he was offering us something all those city folk out there probably will never have the chance to buy. He had a gorgeous 11" X 16" aerial photograph of our property, pond, woods, house and all, framed and ready to go. You can even see Chief standing out in the pasture making a pig of himself on the round bale. Very cool.

While the photo was a bit pricey at nearly $100, it's a photo we'd never be able to take ourselves unless we are willing to rent a plane at $500 an hour and get out there with a nicer camera than I'll ever own. And who knows when they'll be up again taking more aerial shots. Apparently, the last time aerial shots were taken in our part of the state was nine years ago. With all the improvements we've been making and are planning to make, it will be nice to have a "before" and "after" aerial photo.

So, I guess the interrupted dinner and subsequent full house excitement was well worth it. I don't know if I'll be able to get a decent digital photo of the photo, but I'll see what I can do. If it comes out okay, I'll post it, if not, well, I guess I won't.


Amy said...

Awesome, I love those thingies, and they are a tad bit more intimate than a satellite view! Didn't one of those aerial photographers stop by to try to sell us one when we lived in that place by Columbia eons ago? Or somewhere, but no point in paying for one if you don't own the property!

Nancy said...

My parents have a few of those from over the years. The best is the one where the laundry is on the line, the mailman is at the mailbox, two cars are passing on the road, and the riding mower is stuck in the ditch.

goat roper said...

Cool! Jerry has one of his grandparent's farm in Idaho from maybe 50 years ago, it is one of his 'treasures'. Just think, when you are long gone, your great-great grandkids will see it and hear the 'stories'.