Thursday, April 05, 2007

Home, home with the kids

Ahhh...spring break. I'm home with the girls for a few days, mostly just to make sure they don't murder each other while Hubby and I are at work. Besides, it's been awhile since I've had more than a weekend off and frankly, I need the break. I love my job, but sometimes, I just have to get away for a bit before I feel the driving need to hang everyone in the office by their toenails. Of course, spring break has to be freakin' cold so I'm not going to want to do much work outside. What happened to my beautiful spring weather? It's cold, freezing cold, and I'm wondering how many of my plants will survive this lovely weather sent to us from the Great White North. Damn Canadians! They can just keep their cold weather to themselves. I'm all for sharing, but this is ridiculous.

I'm not quite sure what's on tap for the next few days, but I'm hoping to get some more pasture work done. It's a never ending job, and I know if I don't get the weeds under control now, before they are huge, I'll never get them under control this season. We also need to make a trip to Rural King for feed and bedding and hopefully, another duckling and a Toulouse goose or two. I'd really like to have a pair of swans for the pond, but those suckers are pricey and mean. The one Pekin duckling we have now, I think he/she feels freakish. It looks freakish as it's MUCH bigger than the chicks and the mallard ducklings. Poor little guy, I completely sympathize. I know what it's like to be a freak! Of course Hubby told me the duck does not feel like a freak, probably doesn't even realize how different he/she is, but I feel for it. And that's enough.

Hubby got a decent-sized bonus at work this week and he was going to keep it all for himself! How dare him...share and share alike, I say. I'd love to work for a company that actually gave out real bonuses instead of the near-nothing bonuses we get around Christmas. A $50 bonus for Christmas that doesn't come til after Christmas, have you ever heard of such lameness? When he got his bonus I had visions of fencing and gardens and plants dancing in my head with the dollar signs, but he has visions of a new pool filter. Okay, we need a new pool filter, desperately. The one we have now is an absolute piece of shit. It doesn't do crap for filtering out the bad stuff. We spent the last months of summer fighting algae bloom every day just to keep it from morphing into a swamp, and that was with the filter working nearly 24/7. The current filter is one of those diatomateous earth ones and it's extremely high maintenance. A DE filter requires the addition of this powdery dirt stuff that is supposed to filter the ick out, but the filter is so bad the DE dirt just blows right into the pool and settles in a nasty film on the bottom. How fun is that? I want to enjoy the pool, not spend every day messing with the filter and trying to vacuum the filter medium back OUT of the pool! So, a sand filter is on the list of must gets before the weather warms up enough to open the pool. I guess my plants are going to have to wait, but the fencing....we really need fencing so I can get more of that pasture done.

No fencing = no new horse for me.


Slackermommy said...

Yeah, this cold weather sucks! I'm trapped in the house with my four and I'm about to lose my mind. We also have algae problems with our pool and our filter is only a few years old. If I don't vacuum everyday I end up with a swamp and lots of frogs.

Lisa said...

That's funny you said that and that slackermommy has mentioned that too. Went to an Easter Egg hunt Saturday and the chicks there were bemoaning their filters as well. I had no idea.

Hope you had a great Easter.

Jenn said...

The pool filters are a nightmare. I never imagined it would be such a pain in the butt to keep the pool nice and blue and sparkly. I'm tempted to just fill the darn thing in, plant a load of herbs, and tell the kids to swim in the pond. At least the frogs and the algae are supposed to be there!