Sunday, April 01, 2007

How I spent my Saturday

The day started when Hubby finally hauled his carcass home around...oh, 6:30 a.m.ish. I heard him come home, and, being slightly annoyed that he hadn't bothered to call just to say "Hey, honey, I'm going to be out longer than I told you I would," I scooted to his side of the bed, called the dog up and invited Unruly to sprawl as she would. Of course, no room met the wayward nudie-bar patron was forced to sleep on the couch. *evil smirk* I don't care at all that he went out with the boys to the booby-bars, I just would have appreciated a call so I didn't keep waking up every hour wondering if he was dead on the highway somewhere. That's all.

I couldn't go back to sleep so I was up before 7 a.m. and out working before 8:30. I spent a couple of hours taking down more barbed wire fencing, cutting down trees and brambles, getting attacked by those nasty thorn-bearing locust trees, mowing weeds and whatnot. (and I strongly encouraged hubby to help. hehe! There was no napping for him ALL DAY LONG. I'm so mean.)

Hubby brought home a brand-new weed eater. He refuses to do anything "by hand" so he had to go out and buy a new toy. The weed eater came in a HUGE Unruly-sized box, so, being the six-year-old she is she decided it would be fabulous fun to get into the box. Standing up. It was like a great bit cardboard straitjacket. The little booger couldn't move and of course, we all thought it was hysterical. Until she started wiggling. And lost her balance. And fell straight over backwards. Poor thing smacked her head like nobody's business against the deck. And she cried and cried and cried. I don't blame her, I would have cried too. About half an hour after she banged her head she started complaining about her vision being "weird" and started puking. And puking.

More than five hours in the emergency room and one CAT scan later we head back home, dose her with Tylenol and let her sleep, finally. The scan didn't show any bleeding, but she did get a concussion. I had to wake up every three hours Saturday night just to wiggle her a bit and make sure she could be woken.

The CAT scan lady let me stand in the scanner room and watch Unruly's brain appear on the computer screen. It was pretty cool. She pointed out her skull and noted the thickness of the bone on the screen.

"She has an unusually thick skull. Wow, look at all that bone!" I kid you not, she said this. I guess that explains the hardheadedness. See, I knew there was a simple explanation as to why that kid just can't get anything through her skull! It's too darned thick!

Oh, and the motorcycle races were going on right out side of town so I got to see a few banged up and bloody dudes get wheeled through the emergency room area. And the guy in the little emergency treatment room right next to mine had his big toe amputated. I heard the whole thing. He was one of the motorcycle races casualties. Fun, eh?

Spending a Saturday in the emergency room? An absolute nightmare. And all because she wanted to be a kid and play in the box. Who would have ever thought the box would be the reason we spent a goodly portion of the day in the emergency room? Sheesh.

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Linlee said...

Sounds like a crazy day. Sorry you couldn't make it to our get together. Hopefully we will all get together again soon.