Monday, April 02, 2007

The nightly snore-a-rama

Sleep has become elusive. A much-needed but infrequently achieved behavior I'm seriously missing. I'm so exhausted, much more exhausted than I usually am and it's really affecting my overall mood towards everyone and everything. Yes, I'm being a bitch. I admit it.

And it's all Hubby's fault. I'm about ready to kick him out of our room and relegate him to the couch if he can't get the snoring under control. Perhaps I should just move to the couch. The snoring used to be tolerable, I could sleep through the gutteral, thunderous noises emitting from him throughout the night. But it's gotten worse. Much worse. So bad he wakes me up periodically throughout the night and I can't fall back to sleep because of all the noise. And he insists on sleeping curled around me so the snoring is directed right towards my ears so there is no escape.

I tried holding his nose closed every time he woke me up, but that works for about 5 seconds then it's back to the noise. And he told me not to do that again because it makes him feel like he can't breathe and he panics. Duh. That's the point. Wake up and stop snoring!

He had the nerve yesterday to suggest I get a set of earplugs if I'm that bothered by his snoring. Okay, his snoring is my problem because it's keeping me up, but don't you think that if the snoring has gotten worse he should, ummm, I dunno, see a doctor about it and find out if something else is going on?

Maybe I'm just cranky because I'm so freaking tired.

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Linlee said...

I would not be able to handle it if my hubby snored. Sounds like he needs to hit the
I love the fact that you held his nose closed...too funny