Wednesday, July 25, 2007

With Hubby gone, the girls will play

I haven't been alone in my bed since Hubby left for L.A. I have a nice, warm, cuddly body next to me every night. Hogging the covers, shoving me to the edge, stealing my pillows. Giggling when one of the cats jumps up and walks across our faces or the dog tries to wedge herself between us. Laughing and squirming when I tickle her into fits or she blows "farts" on my belly. The whispered "I love you, Mommy," and subsequent squirming to spoon closer to me when it really is finally time to go to sleep.

Yes, I admit it. I'm weak. I folded. I waffled. I let Unruly into my bed while the Hubster is out galavanting around California. Oh, I'm a terrible, terrible mom. I know I should make her sleep in her own bed, that's why we bought it, after all. But she enjoys it and getting to sleep with me is such a treat for her.

Having her there makes that big ole bed seem a whole lot less empty and it sure made playing the Tooth Fairy a LOT easier last night! Slip into bed, trade tooth for cash, fall to sleep. I didn't have to worry about forgetting to be the Tooth Fairy, either, which was a HUGE relief for me. I tend to forget those important little things if I don't have a reminder right there in my face.

I guess I should mention that the Tooth Fairy picked up Unruly's very first lost tooth last night. She was SO excited! And I, the sentimental Tooth Fairy that I am, squirreled her tiny little tooth away in my jewelry box. What am I going to do with a kid's tooth? Who knows, but it will join the little stash of kid collectibles: hospital bracelets, positive pregnancy test, a curl of downy-soft hair from her first haircut, her first handprint, her first shoes, her first outfit, her first drawing, etc., etc. You know, all that "mommy" stuff we tend to hoard.

The Tooth Fairy was generous. She got a WHOLE DOLLAR! Which, to a six-year-old, is akin to about a million dollars. Which is about what that tooth is worth to me.


Jeff said...

Wait a minute....are you saying there is not a tooth fairy?

Diesel said...

My daughter asked for candy when one of her teeth came out, because she didn't "want to be rich."

Jenn said...

Well, of course there's a tooth fairy! She left a dollar, didn't she? Just don't expect her to get all gussied up in wings and some sparkly little froufrou tutu.

Diesel, my daughter opted to save her tooth fairy money in a little box (she's a big time box hoarder) instead of the piggy bank because she wants to save it all so she can buy a truck. I guess she thinks she has a few thousand teeth in her little head.

Dorky Dad said...

I didn't get squat from the tooth fairy. I didn't quite figure out that you had to tell your mom that the tooth fell out, but then I didn't realize that mom WAS the tooth fairy.

amy said...

If I tell Unruly that the Poo Pixie will give her money for poo, do you think she'll be able to earn enough for a truck by the time she's 16 or so?