Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Every girl in the world is SuperGirl

Unruly knows what she wants to be for Halloween. Hubby has helped her along, of course, by perusing websites and checking out costumes and pointing out the ones HE likes best to her impressionable little self.

Because he has nothing better to do with his time, apparently. And being a little Daddy's girl, she is now refusing to be anything else. How naive of me to think I might get one more year of dressing her up like a sweet little fairy or princess.

She wants to be SuperGirl:
Kind of cute, right? I agree, it is and she would be ADORABLE. However, it seems every other little girl in the entire North American continent has decided the same thing. There isn't a single SuperGirl costume to be found. And I've searched. I even went to the local all-costumes, all the time shop near here...nada. Sold out. Can't get it.

What's a mom to do? There are only so many stores I can get to before Halloween, ya know, and not feel like I'm drowning in rubber monster masks, dismembered hands, fake blood and cackling, warty witches.

Hubby knows what to do. He just ordered it online. Like any computer geek would do. Because it's so much easier than marching through stores and riffling through countless costumes depicting queens, fairies, vampires and princesses.

Why the heck didn't I think of that? Must have been a "duh" mommy moment.

Just watch, next year, she'll want to be WonderWoman. Or a vampire.


nell said...

She's going to be adorable!

(And how did you not think of shopping on teh interwebs first, yo?)

Ninja Of The Mundane said...

One can't help but wonder how Mommy would look in this costume.

Joeprah said...

You could of also just used a superman shirt and fashioned the rest out of some other girl costume...straight to the net is best though...up, up and away!

Anonymous said...


Believe me, I tried that too!


slackermommy said...

I'm the opposite. I shop online first and hit the stores if I can't find it online.

Lisa said...

Did you mention to him that if he takes her trick or treating he's got to come up with a matching costume? :-) You could have a whole family of super powers.

And don't feel bad. My son wants to be a Star Wars Jedi. It seems its all about justice for kids Unruly and Seth's age.

Nancy @ World Wide Rolves said...

E2 will be Princess Leia - with a light saber.

I ordered that and E1's costume online from Target. I got E3's cat costume from the Card Factory Outlet early in the season - at the time, they had photos of the costumes on display and you had to ask for the costume you wanted to try. It sounded like a great plan to avoid winding up with a ransacked costume department. I don't know if they stuck to that policy though.

Jenn said...

Nell and Slackermommy...I always try to shop locally before I go to the Web...keep the money in the local economy, ya know? Especially with clothes. I hate not being able to touch the clothes and examine the seams before I buy.

Ninja...Hubby tried to get me into the grown-up version...I told him I'm going as a frazzled mom instead.

joeprah...I am absolutely LOUSY at coming up with costumes just using stuff at home. She would have looked more like a homeless waif than SuperGirl.

Lisa...Ha! He could be Mr. Incredible and I could be Frazzled Mom. :P I'm glad she's all about the super hero thing, but I really wanted a fairy princess this year!

Nancy...ooohh..will you do the cinnamon bun hair, too? Unruly was a dalmation one year...kids as animals are almost always cute! Those costume displays are always a major disaster area the day before Halloween. I don't envy the clerks who have to straighten it all out.

Marriage-101 said...

Hey what's wrong with WonderWoman? :)

Nancy @ World Wide Rolves said...

Leia came with a wig! Should be interesting.