Monday, October 22, 2007

Keeping the dorks smilin'

I made Dorky Dad smile! I love making people smile, especially those of the dorky persuasion.

Look at the cute award he gave me: Cool, eh?

Thank you for making me smile at myself today!

And now, to pass on the love to a few bloggers out there who almost always manage to bring a smirk to my face and a some much-needed humor to my day:

The Queen of Shake-Shake is my hero. She is the fresh mait author-i-tay, offered to wash Mike Rowe's "Dirty Job" feet with her gorgeous black hair and knows her way around the ubiquitous skid mark. She makes me smile, even when the topic is serious. Every day. And I think I have a huge blogger crush on her.

Six kids. One stay-at-home mom. Need I say more? Because I Said So! is a must read. Have a kid, or two, and think life is a neverending, absolutely hysterical roller-coaster ride? Try six. I don't envy her but I sure can sit back and smile right along with her.

Irreverent. Employs the Nazgul Grundir the Implacable to take care of the more distasteful aspects of blogging. Diesel at The Mattress Police will probably flog me publicly for giving him an award, but that's okay. Public flogging makes me smile.


Pavel said...

Hi! I came by after seeing your great parenting advice that you left at Dorky Dads! I've got three and parenting advice comes in handy once in a while...

I think I'll look around and smile a bit. *smile*

Heather, Queen of Shake-Shake said...

Oh wow! Thank you Jenn!

You're so sweet!

And just so you know...don't tell anyone yet...I may have to find another celebrity to drool over. I'm conducting illegitimate research right now and the results are still out.

Thanks again Jenn! This made me smile today after a tough morning!

Joeprah said...

He is right! You do make people smile. Congrats to you!

Diesel said...

Time to get Grundir out of the barn...