Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A week in review, truncated

Wow, has it really been more than a week since I last posted? Talk about time flying and just barely being able to keep up!

Hectic, in a single word, describes my life for the past week. Re-organization at work is giving me ulcers, respiratory issues and a doctor visit for Unruly is giving me ulcers and my seemingly complete inability to just get anything done is giving me ulcers. Every day it seems like there is more crap to do and less time to do it in. Both at work and at home. Why is it I feel like I'm working many more hours a week, but not taking home a bigger check? Oh, because I am.

And to top it all off, Hubby is out of the state, again, for business. He'll be back Saturday evening-ish, and I know I shouldn't complain because he doesn't go away very often, but still...our whole routine gets thrown into massive disorder when he leaves and I just don't handle disorder of any kind well at all. I like my routines.

Every time Hubby leaves for any amount of time, Unruly suddenly decides she is no longer capable of sleeping in her own bed. She insists on sleeping with me to "keep mommy company." I admit it's nice having her there. I hate a big, empty bed and never sleep well alone. Every little noise, every little whuff the dogs make at night have me convinced there is an axe murderer standing outside my bedroom window waiting to kill me. Or a lunatic creeping around the property trying to figure out the best way to break in and torture all of us.

This time Unruly didn't just take over Hubby's spot in bed, she even went as far as to move her toothbrush, toothpaste and hair brush into the spots normally occupied by Hubby's stuff in our bathroom. She's so silly.


MP said...

It was like a slumber party!
Wouldn't it be nice if we got paid for what we are actually worth...

slackermommy said...

My kids move in my bed when hubby's out of town. But they are getting bigger and the bed seems to be getting smaller.

Lisa said...

Seth does the SAME thing when Marc goes out of town. In fact, he keeps one toothbrush in his bathroom and one in ours. You know, "Just in case you need me mom." heehee.

Those kiddos. So silly.

Rebecca said...

Look at her, so selflessly taking care of mama!

Dorky Dad said...

My boy tries to do that, even when I don't leave.

lov grma said...

Come on Jenn. you really are kidding, about you being afraid, scared of being alone in house? Well, you have two girls and all those dogs to watch over you, No one will get into that house.

Ninja Of The Mundane said...

Don't worry ... that lunatic was just me.

Diesel said...

It's a good thing you've got her there to protect you.

Jenn said...

MP...very much like a slumber party..with someone who steals all the covers! Yup, it sure would be nice to actually get paid fair wages.

Slackermommy...I'm thankful the teenager doesn't want to sleep with me too...that would be WAY too crowded...and she kicks like a maniac when she sleeps. Quite bruising.

Lisa and DorkyDad...I am SO glad I'm not the only sucker parent out there who gives in!

Rebecca...Lately she tries so hard to help keep me on track..constantly reminding me of stuff I need to get done and appointments to keep. It's good to know someone in this family still has a decent memory!

lov can get pretty spooky out here sometimes, especially when there isn't a moon. Dark and spooky! And then my over-active imagination gets the best of me. I would have to agree...when those three dogs get to barking NO ONE will get by unnoticed!

Ninja...scary dogs, eh? hehe!

diesel...she takes her responsibility VERY seriously.

Marriage-101 said...

Oh that is just adorable! I don't sleep well alone either. I don't have a cute kid, but at least I have the dog.