Tuesday, October 09, 2007

She WAS raised by wolves

We haven't had rain since the end of July. Which means, of course, we also have not had mud. We got a bit o' rain on Monday, not a lot, but enough to turn the dust into mud.

And as any true country kid knows, mud is the end all, be all, best stuff EVER. It's slippery, it's slimy, its gunky and dirty and FUN. Even if you do share it with the dog.

She was so proud of herself for managing to absolutely filthify (not a word, I know, but it's a made up one that sounds good) nearly every last square inch of herself. I guess it's a darn good thing this is the last season she's wearing THOSE particular short shorts!

I guess I forgot to tell her that muddy country kids get un-dressed outside. And then have the hose turned on them. Muhahahaha! Being the mom is good.


MP said...

...what is great is that the dog looks clean thinking..WTF is this kid doing...you do that and you get hosed...

Diesel said...

My kids asked the other day if they could run through the sprinklers (at the time we had sprinklers but no grass). I told them yes, but they could never come in the house again.

ReesePie said...


Sona said...

And to think some people pay a fortune for mudbaths!

nell said...

Good thing it's so warm this fall! That looks so fun, if my girls were here, they'd be jealous.

moosh in indy. said...

But doesn't it smell?
Our mud is smelly.
the moosh isn't allowed near smelly mud.
Can I come use your mud? Is it really not smelly?
Because that would be FUN.

Kristi said...

My husband would have a heart attack if he saw this picture. And as I love him and need his income, I shall prevent him from seeing it.

Good times.


goat roper said...

Made me laugh out loud! When my daughters were little, they would sit in the pig's pen brushing and playing with their pigs. Even knowing they would have to strip down and hose off before coming indoors. Pig poop stinks aweful!

Ninja Of The Mundane said...

Why didn't Mom get down and roll around as well?

Jenn said...

MP...ROFL! Oh, yes, the dog knows all about getting hosed before taking those muddy paws into my house!

Diesel...turn the hose on 'em. They squeal like mad but LOVE it anyway.

Reesepie...The kid lives to be filthy. :)

Sona...I know! And this is a clean clay mud, so it started hardening up and tightening those pores pretty quickly.

Nell...I know! It was about 90-degrees out, so I didn't feel TOO bad about turning the hose on her. She would have LOVED to have other kids to roll around in the mud with.

Moosh...nope. It doesn't smell at all. It actually smells very earthy, not a bad smell at all. I imagine if she rolled around in the mud where the dog poops, then it would stink! And yes, you can come use my mud, bring the Moosh!

Kristi...I take it he's one of those people who are extremely clean? I let my kids splash around in mud puddles too.

Goat Roper...You must have some very strange kids! Pigs indeed!

Ninja..well, then that would have required mom to strip and get hosed off too. I KNOW how cold that well water is!

Joeprah said...

Man that looks like fun! You know you just wanted to get out there and flop around too.

Rebecca said...


That's all I've got!

The Wooden Porch said...

Too much fun!!!

Can I take my jeep through that?