Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Shades of gray

You know you're getting old when your husband locates a single gray hair amongst all the auburn ones, plucks it from your head and dances around the room holding the offending hair while snickering. Add the sing-song voice chanting "I found a gray hair! I found a gray hair!" and you know youth is farther away than age.

I guess I deserved that. I make fun of the gray patches in his beard and along his temple when the opportunity presents itself.

But dammit, gray hairs! Well, one gray hair. It's just the beginning, I'm sure. And I'm blaming the girls for that one...they are making me gray. Sorry, mom, for all the grays I gave you!


Carla said...

I remember when I first started getting gray hair. I would see them in the mirror on the visor in the car, at stop lights mind you, and pluck them out. Then I realized that I would go bald if I kept that up. Now it's the hairdresser who gets some of my discretionary income. Good luck!

MP said...

My first gray was at 26...and they just kept I just kept coloring my hair! If I don't SEE them, they aren't really there, are they??

Anonymous said...

Not counting all the hairs that have fallen out over the years, I've got a fair percentage of gray strands too. I like to call them my sign of maturity. (stop laughing!!)


Sona said...

Ah - but you can get sweet revenge. Women's hair color is cheap, easy, and way better than the crap for men.

Let him laugh - he'll be going full gray and you can still look natural.

Ninja Of The Mundane said...

I started going gray at about 37. Now, at 42, my sideburns and temples are predominantly gray, and random gray hairs pepper the rest of my head (and beard). That bothers me far less than if I was losing hair, period. As long as I have a full head of hair, I could care less whether it's gray, green or polka-dotted.

I have heard it said that graying only gets really serious when you find it in your pubic hair.

Heather, Queen of Shake-Shake said...

Hello. I'm Heather, Queen with the BLACK hair.

I plucked FIVE gray hairs out just this morning.

I'm 33. Ninja of Mundane can kiss my butt with no gray until 37. And Jenn with your one gray hair, you're next.


Joeprah said...

Don't feel bad. I think my wife is almost a third gray or perhaps more, but she dyes her hair each month to conceal that fact. She is 31. However, I have had one gray hair in my life and it hasn't come back. I think I am the exception though.

Jenn said...

Carla...I've been looking for more much more diligently and thankfully haven't found any, yet!

MP...I've been considering a new color lately anyway, just for a change, who knows, maybe I will.

Owl...Well HI! I haven't seen you around forever! Hubby says gray hairs make men look distinguished...and just make women look old. So, you're distinguished. :P

Sona...I'm hoping I get a few more years before I have to color just to cover gray. I think if it continues to come in (again, in many, many moons!) and is that nice silvery gray rather than the dull gray, I'll let it go.

Ninja...I will never, ever have to worry about losing the hair. I could cover the heads of 10 bald men and still have a thick head of hair. OMG...None there yet, thank god!

Heather...I'm 34, so I guess I should consider myself lucky that I just now found one. I hear they breed like mad once the first one comes in though. *sigh*

Joeprah...I'm kinda hoping the one plucked offender is the only one for a long, long while.