Monday, November 19, 2007

What?! Already?!

No one told me Thanksgiving was right around the corner. Am I supposed to keep track of these things? I figured I had enough crap to keep up with already without having to worry about major holidays. Sheesh. One minute it's August and I'm trying to get the girls all ready to start school, the next minute it's Thanksgiving and I haven't bought a danged thing to make.

Maybe we'll just do take-out this year. Chinese perhaps? I really, really, really, really don't feel like braving the crowds of last minute shoppers just to fight over the last rock-solid Butterball and get that sucker home only to realize I don't have enough time to properly thaw the meat-cube so we end up having mac-n-cheese with little weinies instead. We aren't having any Turkey Day company this year, either, so no one would ever know if we had a little sweet-n-sour pork and chicken fried rice instead of turkey and sweet potatoes, right? Besides, I am a little tired of spending my whole day off slaving away in the kitchen to feed people who manage to devour enough food to feed a small village in a matter of minutes. It's amazing, actually. Four hours to cook, 10 minutes to eat, 1 hour to clean up the mess while everyone waddles off to snooze. Where's the common sense in THAT particular equation? Apparently, I tossed it out with the turkey gizzard.

If Thanksgiving is staring me down like the gluttonous bully it is, you know what that means, right? Christmas is hiding in the shadows waiting to kick me in the shins. I am SO NOT READY for Christmas! I haven't done a lick of shopping for that either. I see a harried Christmas Eve last-minute shopping trip in my all-too-near future. Isn't that FUN?

Maybe I'll convert to Judaism this year and skip Christmas entirely.


Marriage-101 said...

Ah ha! The Jews celebrate Christmas too, ya know! Just not in the same "let's celebrate the bith of Jesus" sense. More like, let's eat food and give gifts.

So looks like you'll have to get presents anyway! :)

Krista said...

Yeah, I was going to add... I don't think you want to convert to Judaism because they have Hanukkah... and it starts earlier, like on the 6th of December and goes for about 6 nights (or is it 12?) and you're supposed to do gifts/dinner every night!

BTW, my hubby really enjoyed that commercial...

Jenn said...

Well, I guess I'm stuck doing the dang holiday thing no matter what I do, eh?

I knew Jews did Hanukkah, but I imagined it as a much, much less commercialized holiday than what Christmas has become. Maybe it has become more commercialized, just like Christmas.

Krista...the GI Jonny condom commercials are hysterical! That one is one of the best, though. I'm glad he enjoyed it!

Wendy said...

Oy, I think I am going to develop a rash if someone mentions Christmas again!! I have done 0, nada, zip on gifts.

Here's the food deal for turkey: a) go eat at someone else's house, like we are! b) get a spiral cut ham and call it good! or c) chicken fried rice, which sounds great at this very moment! Wish I had some next to this laptop!

Jane said...

So would it be just plain mean to point out that my Xmas shopping is very nearly complete?

Yeah, I thought so.

Ninja Of The Mundane said...

How about a nice Cracker Barrel Thansgiving? You know, just like the Pilgrims did. Maybe Hardee's makes turkeyburgers.

Nancy @ World Wide Rolves said...

In the freezer section - not by the Butterballs, but over there - the frozen Jennie-O turkey with gravy thing in the aluminum baking dish. Grab a pack of brown-n-serve rolls, a box of stove-top, and call it good.

It's like Turkey Day for college students!

lov grma said...

Well Jenn, You 4, can come have Thanksgiving dinner with the 16 of us, here at my house. There will be lots of good home cooked food and desserts too.

You guys are more then welcome.

Sona said...

Just get a turkey breast. Or buy a ham instead.

As for Xmas, can't help you there. I've got most of my shopping done.

Heather, Queen of Shake-Shake said...

I don't get why this is a holiday.

What a joke because my butt spends two frickin' days in the kitchen. Working. Sweating. chopping. Stirring. Etc.

That is NOT a holiday.

If there were a restaurant with a good turkey day meal, I'd so go out to eat instead.