Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Don't count your chicks

One of Unruly's chores is to gather eggs every evening. She gets a kick out of it, especially when the chickens are in the nest boxes and trying to "guard" the eggs. Almost like an Easter Egg hunt with obstacles that peck and grumble about being bothered. We even get light green colored eggs from the Auruacana chickens.

Unruly has a little pink bucket she is supposed to use to gather the eggs. Most of the time, she uses it. Sometimes she forgets and tries to carry them all in cradled in her shirt.

Yesterday, she forgot her bucket. So she put four fresh, warm eggs in her jeans pocket and headed back up to the house, her little pockets bulging with pretty brown eggs.

And then she fell. And smashed all those eggs in her jeans pocket. Have you ever reached into a pocket filled with warm, broken egg? It feels a whole lot like snot. Warm, slimy, ooey, gooey snot. She walked in all gimpy, trying to get away from the thin drip of snot running down her leg and whining about how gross it was the entire time.

Of course, being the mom, and apparently immune to all things disgusting, stinky and slimy, I had to empty the pocket of it's mucous-like contents. After I fished the jeans out of the trash because she decided it was the best to just toss them instead of cleaning them.

She thought I was going to be mad at her for breaking the eggs. Instead, all I could do was laugh and ask her why the heck she decided to sneeze into her pocket when we have Kleenex handy! She was not amused.


MP said...

Hmmm farm fresh eggs..YUM...

Silly girl.. How do you fit an egg in your pocket..? Kids!

Nancy @ World Wide Rolves said...

Those must be some roomy pockets! How funny!