Friday, January 11, 2008

Yes, I'm a horse person

We are planning to have a new barn built this spring/summer. I've got the spot all picked out, the "worst case" design scenarios worked out in my head and the interior pretty much designed.

This is most likely the style we are going to have built, in dark green and cream:
Nice, eh? Four stalls, tack room, feed storage and groom stall. When you have a barn built, all they build is the exterior, so I'm still working on designing the interior, picking out the stall style, deciding on flooring and lighting and plumbing and ceiling fans and whatnot.

It's all very exciting! I'm already picking out colors for buckets and feed tubs, styles of stall plates, hardware for the tackroom (hardware, as in blanket, saddle and bridle racks), and trying to figure out how feasible it would be to have the barn wired for music.

If we had unlimited funds, and unlimited space (it's amazing how fast a barn will use up your good pasture/grass), this is the barn I'd like. It has eight stalls:
Well, heck, while I'm dreaming, I want THIS horse for eventing:She's only $25,000, pocket change!

And this one for, well, because he's gorgeous, duh. He makes my little heart go pitter-patter:His starting price is a mere $65,000. More pocket change!


Wendy said...

Look at you, all crushin' on the horses again! That IS some mane! How's he do that? Did Fabio become a horse?

nell said...

The second barn looks like something from Gone With the Wind, but I think I like the elegant simplicity of the first one better. Both of those horses are beautiful.

Dapoppins said...

He makes my heart go pitter patter too. Oh, he is Beautiful. Who says hunky guys are fun to look at...I would rather watch that black boy nibble my grass all day long....

I love horses too, btw...but the most I can hope for are the ones made in china and sold at Hallmark.

Jeff said...

Grrr! Wendy stole my Fabio comment!

Once again you have awoken the envy monster in me! I'm so jealous!

Seriously though, it looks awesome!

MP said...

LOL...the Fabio of horses..
Very beautiful...the horse and the barn. Good luck!!

Slackermommy said...

What a beautiful horse! No wonder it is so expensive. I've never seen a horse like that. Amazing.

Jenn said...

Wendy...oh yes, definitely the Fabio of horses! Most of the time, when horses have manes that long, it spends most of it's life all braided up. It's only taken out washed and carefully brushed for pictures and shows.

Nell...I agree, the second barn is definitely a fancy, schmancy barn,and probably not quite as efficient as the one we chose, but it sure it a good-lookin' building! sad is it that I get more excited over gorgeous horses than I do over gorgeous guys? And he's definitely gorgeous! I could sit on my deck and just watch him graze all day long. Horses are definitely my lifetime love..and that's something you can't explain to people who don't love them, too, ya know?

Jeff and MP...thank you! I'm looking forward to the barn...not looking forward to the building the barn part.

Slackermommy...yep, he's a bit on the pricey side. He's an imported Fresian, very "blue ribbon" bloodlines and an immaculate show record.

Marriage-101 said...

While driving thru KY, I saw some GORGEOUS farms/barns. It even made ME want one. But minus the horses.

goat roper said...

Reach for the stars! You have to dream it to achieve it, isn't that what they say? Maybe I should aim higher than dreaming of a mule and a little log cabin?